By Hariza Zahir

Will power be the self-control that a person sustains to achieve their long-term goal? It could be working out to reach their desired weight, studying hard to score an ace in an exam, saving up for a vacation, or even dealing with anger management. The most common example used to explain Will Power is “Muscles”, as in, you know the facts about a muscle. Muscles get stronger the more you exercise, and they also can be overworked and weakened, if no rest time is given for them to recover. Just like a muscle, Will Power can be a great tool in life if used in the right way. Here we are sharing the 05 best ways to boost your willpower.

05 Best Ways To  Boost Your WillPower

1- Take one step at a Time

One of the main reasons why people give up and lose their willpower is not because they get bored but because they get overwhelmed with the enormousness of the long-term goal that they must achieve. Hence, to make it easy, make a few short-term goals that would help you reach your ultimate goal, and every time you reach the goal you set, you will feel accomplished and happy which will give you the mental satisfaction and strength to keep your will power strong, to achieve your next target.

2- Practice Self-control

Practicing self-control is one of the main keys to boosting your willpower. If you are trying to quit drinking, firstly try to avoid the parties and gatherings that will tempt you to have a drink but if you can’t avoid the gathering, then think about your goal and control yourself. Another example would be friends asking you to join their short holiday trips, while you are planning and saving up for your dream vacation for next year. You should have the self-control to politely turn down their request or enjoy the short holiday without compromising on your savings for your vacation plan for the following year.

3- Build Good Habits to Overcome Stress

Trying to achieve a goal isn’t an easy task and with regard to the kind of Goal you set, the process can be moderate or harder. There will be days when you will feel very low, drained, or stressed out. Which can lead you to fall back on your ingrained habits, which can be helpful or harmful. Often people resort to old bad habits. For example, stress eating or having a drink to calm down but in the long run, you risk obesity or alcoholism. Every time you respond to stress with unhealthy habits, you are strengthening those habits.

Instead start responding to stress with positive good habits, such as listening to calming music, meditation, visualizing and viewing calming scenes, watching a comedy movie, or working out, etc. more you strengthen these kinds of habits, it will help you with major stresses when it comes your way.

4- 10 Minutes of Meditation

Meditation, out of all the willpower exercises outlined, will yield the quickest effects. You may teach your brain to focus and resist wandering by meditating. According to research, merely practicing 10 minutes of meditation for 2-3 days improves your brain’s ability to focus, gives you more energy, and reduces stress.

5- Be aware of Your Impetuous Decisions

Finally, simply be more aware of your decisions throughout the day as the last exercise. We are frequently so preoccupied with our thoughts that our behaviors become automatic. Taking the time to consider why you make the decisions you do will improve your capacity to focus and avoid temptation. To begin, try catching yourself doing something automatically and asking yourself why you are doing it. This could be something as simple as wondering why you eat cereal in the morning instead of eggs, or why you use two spoons of sugar in your coffee. Any manner you can think about a common instinctive habit consciously can improve your focus and self-control and ultimately boost your willpower.

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