By Javeria Faizan 


It is universally acknowledged that we don’t like the hairs we are born with. We have been through it at some point in our lives. All around us we see girls with short hair, admiring those with long locks and the ones with long hair thinking of getting it cut short to make it more manageable. Women with curly hair have it straightened out for whatever reason while those with perfectly straight hair get it permed. Once we grow out of it, we realize that our natural hair, whether long or short, curly or straight, is the best type that works for us and makes us look fabulous. For the purpose of realizing the worth of your natural looks, we enlighten you about the 10 amazing perks of having curly hair that you would definitely love to know.

The societal norm, we grew up in doesn’t think much of curly hair. It is often compared to a steel wire scrapper or noodles. But let’s face it, this is because our elders didn’t know how to take care of it. From constant combing to neglecting the use of conditioner, curly hair has not been treated well. But nowadays, with greater awareness, girls are realizing the perks of having curly hair. If you are curly hair this write-up will surely change your mind about canceling your next hair-relaxing appointment and embracing your curly hair.

Curly hair has its own list of perks. and we compile the 10 amazing perks of having curly hair that gives you a different mindset.

10 Amazing Perks Of Having Curly Hair 

1- Nature’s Granted Volume

Having curly hair means your hair is naturally voluminous. You don’t have to worry about it falling flat or limp. Even when straightened, it has a puffed-up appearance which is a look people die for.

2- It Doesn’t Require Combing

Curly hair doesn’t tangle as much as straight hair. So combing or detangling is not a regular task. This also means fewer split ends and healthier hair.

3- You Slay Different Looks

With curly hair, you can manage a lot of different looks. Your hair responds to weather so no two looks of you are the same. Straightening it is also an option to get a totally awesome look.

4- Brings You Into The Limelight

Admit it, your curly mane is a head-turner. Wherever you go, people eye you with admiration. Being your most valuable asset, your hair always makes you stand out and brings you in limelight.

5- Styling Lasts Longer

Curls are better at holding hairstyles than straight hair. From braids to stylish updos, all tend to last longer and stay put when done on curly hair.

6- It Boosts Your Confidence

When you accept the gift of curls that nature gave, you become more confident. It gives you the boost to take the world head-on. Being confident in your own skin is a power that can conquer the world.

7- It Creates Killer Messy Buns

Messy buns have always been in trend. Making killer messy buns on curly hair is a breeze and the looks it creates are sophisticated enough for a formal event and casual enough for a day out.

8- Your Out Of Bed look Is Just Wow

Ever noticed how glorious your out-of-bed look is? Try sleeping with your hair slightly wet, you will wake up with a hair look that even the best stylists cannot create.

9- It Can Go On For Days Without Washing

Curly hairs become dirty, but it does not show. You can go on days without washing and no one will know (not that we are suggesting it). There is no need to even use dry shampoo.

10- It Is Quite Economical

Maintaining your mane does not require any styling tools or products. It even saves you on shampoo. So embracing it in its usual curly form is very economical and pocket-friendly.

There is nothing wrong with idolizing silky smooth hair. Embracing your natural curls and strutting them with a pose makes you more admirable. The world is unaware of its charm, but you should give all the affection and respect to your curls, let be tight, loose, or wavy.

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