By Hudaibia Khalid 

It is well said that books are your best companions and best time-killer. Some people believe that books play a crucial role as oxygen in their life. No doubt, books will never let you down and I believe that books are your boon companions in a complicated time. From books, we learn a lot that always helps in our life. You cannot feel isolated if you have a good book to read. From the time of our childhood, our parents and grandparents tell us stories from books at bedtime and then we sleep so we all have a strong association with books since our childhood.  However, this write-up serves you with the purpose of finding the best book to read. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the 10 best books everyone should read.

Nowadays, the latest gadgets like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and computers have taken the place of books and people use these gizmos to acquire multifarious information. When there were no internet people used to obtain information through various reference books. But now only a few people are interested in buying and reading books. Everyone wants to read the best books so they can suggest to their friends or family members. All people have different tastes in books some like to read adventurous books, while some like fiction, romantic, religious, and travelogues. In this blog, I will guide you about the ten best books that you should have to read in order to make your life better in all areas.

10 Best Books Everyone Should Read

1-Reflections Of A Man

A reflection of a man is written by Amari Soul. This is my favorite book and I read it again and again when I get free time. You would definitely fall in love with this book and also you know some important things that every man and woman need to know when they are in a mutual relationship.

2- The Mistakes Of A Women

M. Sosa has written the book “The mistakes of a woman”. This book teaches you about self-love, relationship, and the mistakes that women can face in their relationships, dating and hurting themselves for the wrong person. You must read this book and I must say you must learn important lessons from this book.

3-Mind Platter

Mind Platter is a phenomenal book written by Najwa Zebian. In this book, you read the words of a woman who has seen life as a student, and educator and who has been mistreated, judged incorrectly, and unheard. This book inspires you to take your voice of yourself rather than cry on one’s shoulder.

4- The Forty Rules Of Love

Elif Shafak, the Turkish author has written this book. The forty rules of love are based on Maulana Jalal-ul-din aka Rumi and his religious teacher Shams Tabrizi. The book throws light on how the Shams Tabrizi transformed the life of Rumi and became his saint through love.

5- The Kite Runner

Famous writer Khaled Hosseini has written this book and it is the first novel by Khaled Hosseini. This book, the story is about a young boy Amir and his close friend Hassan. It is a best-selling book and the story is very enchanting.

6-The Secret Life Of Bees

The secret life of bees is written by Sue Monk Kidd. This book has won the Book Sense Book of the Year (BSBY) Awards. The story is based on fiction and the story is about a 14- year-old girl who lived with her father and a mother who was killed. The story is very interesting and it is also one of my favorite books of mine.

7-The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian writer wrote this book. The story is about the Andalusian shepherd boy who travels from Spain to the Egyptian desert and search of treasure that is buried near the Pyramids. On the journey, he met a Gypsy woman, a man, and an alchemist. To know then what happened so you have to read this book.

8-It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Sheila Walsh the author of this book beautifully explains that sometimes we are stuck, sad, lost friends, failed in marriages, and lost jobs. And then we start again from where we end. This book encourages women to know that God’s plans are better and never let you down. Take a step forward and then everything started to change.

9-When God Doesn’t Fix It

When God doesn’t fix it is written by Thomas Nelson. The story of the book is based on Laura’s life. Laura is a recording artist and worship leader and her life took an unexpected turn when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. But she has a strong faith in God and she believes that God helps them. So read this book and don’t get depressed when you pass through hard days.

10-It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way

In this book, the author Lysa TerKeurst reveals her heart and explains that things are not always working in the same way as we expected. Life is so unpredictable and unexpected. This book teaches you that always trust in God and don’t get melancholy.

We have enlisted the 10 best books to read that you would definitely love. However, this blog will assist those who are fond of reading books to purchase these books and try to read them. Reading always helps and guides you in a positive way and sometimes it changed your way of thinking.

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