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This rampant and prevalent disease is the new hype, that has no doubt made our lives terrible and bounded or restricted in many terms but at the same time, while being optimistic, it has influenced and deeply moved us all from different perspectives. Most of us have found it to be a source of self-analysis, as a result, we have come to the conclusion that at this crucial time of epidemic we must prepare ourselves by every means to meet this pervasive pandemic that is entrenched in our country. So, here we are going to present the 10 best skills to be learned during these days.

10 Best Skills To Be Learned In a Pandemic 

So, to vanquish the difficulties and complexities of life in this time of the epidemic, the crucial thing to acquire and gain is basic skills, that can assist us to go through this entrenched pandemic.

1- Speechification

The best definition for this term is; an imitation of delivering a speech, or one could say, to practice for public speaking.

This is a key skill that shows one’s ability to stand out in a crowd of top-notch speakers or knowledgeable personas. This pandemic has brought us all close to one another so we are bound to talk to each other through different social media tools, for example, zoom, skype, WhatsApp, etc. And our public speaking skills must be polished to fulfill our duties on digital media.

Many of us have jobs and occupations for which public speaking skill is a must; such as teachers, heads of departments, subordinates, students as well those who sometimes have to give presentations, be it for Islamic classes, music classes, or any other educational class.  Basically, presentational skills also include public speaking skills. The ability to persuade others with un-shattering confidence is the clue to public speaking or speechification.  This is one of the 10 best skills that everyone needs to learn.

2- Painting

Now consider some interesting and creative things to learn such as painting. Painting could be of any type like glass painting, fabric painting, pebble painting, painting on walls or decoration pieces, or the most common and best is canvas painting.

Be it any kind of painting, the actual thing behind this top skill to learn in life is that it really becomes a source of art therapy for us. Painting allows one to constructively reveal and convey what’s inside of that person in the form of colors and strokes which represent emotional destructions, anxieties and fears, happiness, joys, and accomplishments.

Many therapy centers are using this skill to treat patients. Moreover, it is not only a fun thing to learn it also enables one to get a source of earning. Skills assist in the development and growth of our prosperity. This particular skill enables an introverted person to become an extrovert, through the medium of painting and drawing.

3- Decoration

Now, some of the awesome skills to learn these days include interior or exterior decoration. Well yeah, decoration is mostly considered a skill for women but men are equally capable of using their aesthetic sense to decorate their or somebody’s surroundings and cozy living areas in a much more appealing way. It’s a very creative skill to learn, which permits someone to establish a good life by earning handsome money and by gaining great respect in society.

Garden decoration and tools or equipment installation is such a huge business and one could easily learn this skill in free time and its economy as well.

Interior decoration is not that much costly if one desires its learning. It’s only possible to learn this skill when he/she has a deep interest in such kind of hobby.

4- Self-care

Acquit yourself in the best way so that in the future after many good years you can admire yourself from every perspective. It’s basically all about, what I want to learn more about myself, my emotions, my body, and my soul.

Give yourself an ample amount of time and learn to manage time, stress, and resources to uplift yourself, glorify, and become successful. One of the top skills to learn in your life is self-management. Manage your time and skills in hand and try to learn what’s better and more beneficial for you in terms of your available resources.  Learning the skill of beautification and making your attire presentable is an awesome skill to learn too. It also includes the skill of table manners and etiquette and much much more.

5- Linguistics

Coming to this, one might have thought of what skills should I learn to get a job, so linguistics is the answer to that question. Learning different languages or learning different writing styles of languages is a major and prime skill.

By learning foreign languages like English, French, and most important Spanish, a person would definitely get a foreign-based job, whether a remote-based or office-based job. This skill is the basic source of freelancing and one could easily get the benefit of an exchange rate difference.

6- Digital Media Pro.

This pandemic situation has got us all into real-life crises and that’s why now it’s really important to stay connected through digital media options available around us.

Thus, one of the top best skills to learn these days is digital media, digital media marketing, digital media tools, etc.  It’s the skill that one should learn to get a job which could be a remote one, especially in this epidemic social distancing is really very crucial for all of us, and this skill could provide a better working hand from online outsourcing.

Digital media is a broad concept that includes all tangible and intangible media such as; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (intangible) and billboards, banners, TV ads (tangible), etc. The skill of digital media is the current and up-to-the-minute skill, that plays a pivotal role in one’s future making. The basic need and demand for this technical era revolve around digital media which is considered among the top 10 best skills to learn, especially in this epidemic and tough time.

7- Writing

The most pivotal, crucial, and interesting skill of the present time is writing. It itself tells us how much creative skill it is to learn, that doesn’t belong to any group of people or is not restricted for any age. Anyone who has a high mental caliber is intellectual and is having a good aesthetic sense of creativity could learn this skill of writing.

There are plenty of types available for writing like; blog writing, article writing, re-writing, copywriting, etc. Such platforms as WordPress is worth mentioning here.

Digital media is widely used for writing purposes and is a key source of earning for many people.

One must have proper knowledge and know-how of writing in a particular and specific language in which that person is an expert. A grip on the topic is a must. The best skill so far, to learn in this pandemic, which is not only economical but almost takes minimal effort is; writing.

8- Self-management

One of the most interesting and easy skills to learn is self-management. It is known as self-regulation, adjustment, or balancing. Our lives have become so complex and uncertain due to this COVID pandemic that we have almost forgotten our personal standardization and balancing.

Self-management skill is a creative as well as an important skill to learn, it includes;

  1. Initiatives
  2. Flexibility in timing
  3. Communication
  4. Life-long learning skills
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Productivity

Through the basic skills of adaptability and productivity within the given time frame, we must learn to manage ourselves and our goals. To achieve and attain inner satisfaction as well as a success one must try to optimize his/her abilities and skills through initiative, self-control, and optimism.

So this, apparently simple and unique skill, is the rudimentary and primary skill to learn through which a person can attain whatever he/ she desires by being a self-controller, time and resource manager, and self-organizer.

9- Cooking

This creative and interesting skill looks like possession and attribute of females but history and the present time have proved this wrong by revealing to us that males are far better chiefs than females.

This awesome skill must be learned by every kin of a house to ensure that nobody stays hungry without an eatables provider.

In the time of epidemic, when everyone has to stay put, inside their personal territory, then this creative and constructive skill would help a lot. By using this interesting skill one can cook for free and provide others with some home-cooked eatables as a donation.

One could get online classes from different TV channels’ sites, magazines, or simply free of cost from YouTube. This crucial and best skill is a must for everyone.

10- Developing Constructive Habits

Lastly, in the time of the pandemic, when we are kind of halted and ceased within our homes and territories, the best thing to learn about is how to develop constructive habits in this time of isolation.

Developing the ability to stay optimistic (in times of negativity, fear, and distress)  not only gives mental peace but physical wellness too.

The skill top of developing  constructive habits could be learned through the below-mentioned important factors;

  1. Focusing on goals
  2. Staying positive throughout life
  3. Developing punctuality and organization in matters
  4. Staying action-oriented
  5. Self-caring
  6. Self-disciplined,
  7. People-oriented, etc.

This is the skill that one must learn to obtain stability in life and to progress incredibly.

So by concluding the above-mentioned top 10 best skills which we could learn during a pandemic, I must say that if anyone ignores the upcoming tidal waves of a new era and changes that are remodeling our society then there is no future for that person and he/she can only keep up with this situation by keeping in hand various crucial and best skills.

These 10 best life skills are pivotal for progress and success in this chaotic life. One must keep in mind that these best skills are a lifeline that would assist in the disguised form of straw in the river of chaos, terror, uncertainties, and complexities.

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