By Javeria Faizan

Being a student is not easy. You have to regularly attend classes, study for tests, and prepare assignments and projects. Along with all this, you have to maintain a social life as well as participate in other activities. It can get overwhelming. For some, balancing all of this comes naturally. They manage to achieve high academic life while having the best of their free time. For others, it is a struggle. They just can’t get high grades even if they completely dedicate themselves to their studies, ignoring all else. The key to getting good grades and leading a balanced life lies in smart studying. With the exam season fast approaching, you may consider having some good tips up your sleeves to help you study better. In this regard, we have chosen the 10 best study tips everyone needs to know.

10 Best Study Tips Everyone Needs To Know

1- Maintain The Right Attitude

It is a proven fact that the way you approach your studies determines its outcome. The main goal of studying is acquiring knowledge. Whether studying history or a new skill, your attitude can turn it into a fun learning experience or a punishment.

2- De-Stress Yourself

Before starting to study, it is better to relax. Take a deep breath, tune out distractions and focus on the material. Being stressed and working yourself up results in forgetting. A calmer mind is able to retain more information than a stressed one.

3- Find A Good Study Area

A good study area has proper lighting, ample table space, and a comfortable seat. Ideally, it should be set up in a place where you can steer clear of distractions. Avoid studying on your bed because it serves as a great temptation to nap.

4- Get Organized

Organization is the key to a better study. When starting your study session, prepare in advance the material, stationery, and all the items required. Constantly getting up to get things can ruin your chances of better retention. It is good to have some snacks and a drink at hand too so you can take a break to recharge.

5- Quit Multitasking

It is not a good idea to text and study at the same time. You may think that you can manage other tasks along with studying at the same time but that’s not true. Multitasking serves as a ground for distraction. The more diverted you are, the less likely you are to remember the important stuff.

6- Maintain Good Notes

Good notes are the key to success. Writing clear and instructive notes during class helps you remember. When you sit down to study, your outlined notes will bring out all the information provided in that specific class. They will ensure a clear understanding of the topic and come in handy when preparing for exams.

7- Use Interval Learning

Psychologists recommend this method of learning. It involves reviewing the material within 24 hours of when you originally learned it. It is helpful in longer retention. Study closer to the day you learned the material rather than before the test.

8-Exercise Active Recall

Reading and rereading the material makes you think that you have learned it completely but this may not be true. It is better to close the book and recall what you have memorized. This way you know how much you have actually learned.

9- Teach Your Friends

Teachers are not only responsible to learn for themselves, but they also have to prepare key points to explain it clearly to others. You can try being a teacher to your group of friends. Doing so will enable you to organize the material and appoint some effective methods of recall resulting in greater retention.

10- Vary Your Study Material

Changing your study material regularly is very important. If you focus on learning only one material you will eventually develop a block with it. It is better to study different materials or different aspects of the same material to ensure proper learning and remembrance.

Studies consume a better part of our lives. It needs patience, practice, and trial and error. Developing better study habits will not only help you in student life, but they will also have a huge impact on your practical life.

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