By Sumaiyyah Ali

No one is born confident. People work persistently to build self-confidence for many years. It is something that individuals learn with the pace of time because it is not a child’s play to earn it within one day or two. There is a multitude of ways to boost one’s self-confidence, but we have chosen the 10 best ways to boost your self-confidence.

10 Best Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

1- Stop Labeling Yourself

When people label themselves as timid, awkward, or shy, they tell their subconscious mind to live up to social expectations. Instead of entertaining negative self-talk, individuals should affirm themselves as strong and confident. They should close their eyes for a minute and imagine themselves in a different situation.  Pundits believe that good mental practices prepare a person’s brain for success and self-assurance. For example, achieving a goal. So, when individuals picture themselves as confident they start manifesting a confident behavior for future endeavors.

2- Focus On Others

Certain people have low confidence. Such a person should focus on what others are doing or saying. Individuals should prompt them to talk about themselves. People want to be heard, talk about themselves, and be understood. They will love it when someone is willing to hear what they have to say. Individuals should not focus on what they dislike in themselves, but on what he or she loves in others. This habit helps to become comfortable with social situations and gatherings. It makes people feel great about themselves too.

3- Know Yourself For Who You Are

Sun Tzu, the writer of the famous book “The Art of War” said, ‘know yourself, you will win all battles.’ In a battle with a lack of confidence, individuals should know themselves to win. This starts with the understanding that all people are not the same. All social situations and stages are not the same for everyone too. People might not be confident in larger gatherings, but they could be bold in small groups and one-on-one interactions. Everyone has unique ways of expressing themselves. For example, introverts have silent confidence. It is often confused for shyness, unfortunately. They prefer to spend time alone and are naturally low-key. However, this natural disposition gives them unique talents. Introverts notice things that others do not and listen better than most people. Their uniqueness is in their strengths. They will not be comfortable in each situation. Albert Einstein said, ‘A fish lives its life believing that it is stupid if you judge it by its ability to climb a tree.’

4- Smile

Cracking a smile is a sure way to boost a person’s confidence. Christine Clapp, a public speaker at George Washington University, says that “Smiles make you appear composed and confident immediately.” The effect of a smile is not just external, though. According to studies, smiles help to reduce stress. It paves the way for a relaxed and happier person.

5- Exercise

Individuals should work out to make themselves feel confident. Exercise has many benefits for instance:

  • It Increases endorphins
  • It Reduces stress.
  • It relaxes muscles
  • It makes people feel confident and happy.

Individuals will see their benefits by walking a few times a week. They must break a sweat. If they cannot take sessions punctually, then they don’t give up on exercise entirely at least.

6- Groom Yourself

A shave or a shower makes a difference in self-image. A scent incredibly boosts self-esteem and confidence too. But, favorite fragrances do not make people smell nice alone. According to research, a fragrance inspires confidence in men. So, the more a man like the fragrance the more confident he feels. 90% of women who wear a scent feel more confident than those who do not use perfumes.

7- Dress Nicely

If people dress nicely; they feel good about themselves immediately. It certainly boosts their confidence. This works because individuals feel presentable, successful, and attractive. A nice dress has a different meaning for everyone. It does not mean a $500 designer outfit necessarily. It means wearing comfortable, clean and nice-looking clothes. Such clothes are presentable, though they can be casual clothes too.

8- Indulge Yourself In Interesting Activities

People can:

  1. Read books
  2. Play guitars
  3. Ride bicycles
  4. Go fishing
  5. Bake cakes.
  6. Travel
  7. Write poems.

They should do what makes them happy. Doing what they enjoy soothes egos, boosts confidence, and allows them to identify with their talents. This grows confidence exponentially and bolsters self-belief. Doing what individuals love might not make them popular. However, they might not want to be famous themselves too. Doing what people want to do makes them happy instead of popular.

9- Prepare For Setbacks

Arthur Ashe, a famous tennis player, said, ‘A key to self-confidence is preparation.’ Individuals should prepare for rejection. Everyone faces setbacks in life. They should not worry about rejection but think of ways to handle it when it comes. So, readiness reduces the effect and risk of a setback. Their confidence does not break this way. For example, they should learn public speaking. People rehearse what they are going to say beforehand if they are going to speak in public. So, individuals are sure of themselves. They will be confident that they have what it takes to hack it. If they are rejected, then they will not take it personally, setbacks happen to the best of us. They are learning experiences. So, people should learn from their mistakes and move on.

10 – Valiantly Face Situations

Individuals should not run away from uncomfortable situations. This reinforces shyness. Instead, they should face uneasy situations square in the face. For instance, people should go ahead and talk to that person; they are afraid to approach them. The more they face fears the more they realize they are stronger than they thought. This act makes them unstoppable.

Everyone struggles with problems with confidence at one time or another. These are the 10 best ways to boost your self-confidence that you can adopt. Moreover, it is important to have a healthy amount of self-confidence to perform at a peak after. Remember, your opinion about yourself and your abilities should be a healthier one for a successful life.  So, what are you waiting for? Just give it a try.

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