By Dr. Sabeen Akbar Yezdani

Life… just happens for some of us! We are born and raised by our parents… shaped into young individuals according to their ideas, visions, and values. Universities award us degrees and we end up joining the practical world in our early twenties labeled as doctors, engineers, accountants, lecturers, and so on. Yes, we do adopt other titles as well awarded by relationships that we form; a husband, a wife, a parent! In this never-ending cycle of life, many of us lose a sense of ourselves while juggling so many roles. Our lives become mundane, our passions take a back seat, and our relationships get stagnant. If you are reading this, no matter whether you are a multitasking mom or an ambitious corporate executive…. Take a break! Just try to bring the missing spark back into your life.  Here are the 10 best ways to reinvent yourself when you are stuck.

10 Best Ways To Reinvent Yourself 

1- Style It Up

Change is the word! Get a haircut, and adorn a new hair color. Wear bright colors. Don’t follow the fashion bandwagon blindly. Create your style and own it. Fall in love with the face you see in the mirror every morning.

2- Pick A Hobby

Do what you love! Pick up a musical instrument that you always wanted to learn to play, or maybe it’s an art that your heart craves, be it gardening that refreshes you, or maybe dancing is what sets you free. Whatever is your long-standing wish, make time for it. A hobby gives u some enriching ‘me’ time.

 3- Hang Out With Friends

Remember your teens, when your friends were your world. Make time for your old friends and meet up with them. Our friends keep us young at heart. Chat away about the old times. Share your worries and lighten your soul. After all, it’s our friends who know the real us! Also, foster new friendships. The more the merrier!

4- Experiment

You only get to live once! Be open to experiments. Travel. Explore the world around you. Go to new eateries. Try different cuisines and flavors. Be unpredictable and take chances!

5- Spend Time With Nature

Calm your soul! Go for a walk in the parks. Sit and watch the waves crash at the seaside. Consciously breathe in the morning air. Take time out of your busy schedules and spend some time just staring at the sky. Look at the birds. Try finding the stars. Notice and cherish little things that we hardly ever pay attention to during our hectic race of daily lives.

6- Workout

Adopt a workout regime. Whatever that fancies you. Cycling, swimming, walking, dancing, yoga…. Get yourself moving. A healthy body & healthy heart lead to healthy emotions and thoughts!

7- Change A Trait

Identify your bad habits and then start changing one thing at a time. It is never too late to turn a new leaf. If your temper bothers you… change it! If you are a procrastinator…act now! You are the key to every change. There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you set your heart to it.

8- Let It Go

Forgive & Forget! Grudges weigh down your soul. Forgive those who have wronged you. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes. Be gentle with yourself and others. Unload the burden that you have been carrying for years.

9- Declutter

Declutter your life! Get rid of things you don’t need. Clean your wardrobes. Donate the stuff you no longer use. Ventilate your rooms. Let sunlight flow in. In the same way, remove toxic people from your life. Rid your mind of all negative thoughts. Make room for happiness and positivity.

10- Smile

A smile is the best make-up you can wear plus it’s the best gift that you can give others. Smile to brighten your mood and radiate joy to others.

 Reboot your life and be a better and happier version of yourself. Spread love and love yourself as well. Let the world be your oyster and be the shiny pearl. However, these are the 10 best ways to reinvent yourself that you can try.

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