10 Healthier Habits To Improve Your Relationship

Everyone wants a good and secure relationship from a partner, but not all of us willing to do work on it. Likewise, people yearn to improve their relationship and exchange loads of promises with each other, but at the time of fulfillment, they don’t keep promises and unable to bring any positive change in the relationship. Consequently, they lost the charm and their relationship faded away with a passage of time. This situation perturbs an individual’s mind and creates a long space between them. This is the time when insecurity begins and everything spoils. Well…no need to worry. This article suggests 10 healthier habits to improve your relationship.

But do you people ever try to know the main cause behind it? If you haven’t yet, then this is an actual time to know about it. One of the main reasons is the Ego & Attitude that nobody can leave behind. And that’s the root cause of all problems.

Ever realize that, when you committed to anyone, you build high mountains of expectations, and when your partner doesn’t meet your expectations, you get hurt and feel like useless. It is a natural phenomenon.

The fact is, there are plenty of reasons that ruin your relationship, such as, excessive care & love, ego, attitude, lack of understanding, carelessness, misunderstandings, and so on. And this is the time when fights and arguments begin. But the thing is, how to manage in such kind of situations when your relationship is in trouble.

For this, you need to change yourself a bit, and you should ask yourself why you started the relationship and can you live without your partner if he/she breached the relationship. If your heart says yes, then you can easily back off. But if your heart says no, you can’t live without your partner, then you must change your unhealthy habits to get the spark back in your relationship. And that’s the main point that you need to understand. Once you make up your mind to bring any positive change, then you can easily start your journey.

After understanding the point, now you will have to start with itty-bitty steps by changing your irritating habits. Here we are suggesting 10 healthier habits to improve your relationship.

10 Healthier Habits To Improve Your Relationship

1- Let Go Of Ego & Attitude   

First of all, you will have to leave behind your ego and attitude. Once you are done with it, you will mold yourself accordingly. Ego and showing a rigid attitude spoil your relationship which can cause a lot of other problems. This way, you will have to be polite and humble with your partner to avoid a mess. 

2- Realize Your Mistakes 

Once you develop a sense of realization in yourself, you can easily admit your mistakes. Remember, realization and admitting is not a bad thing. It is all about ethics that you should have in your relationship. So, don’t think that realization or admitting mistakes can let you down ever. Though, it is a powerful way out to resolve all the conflicts easily.

3- Never Hesitate To Say Sorry 

Yes… It is difficult for many. Most of the people don’t feel comfortable with it. Sometimes, they feel guilty after realizing and admitting the mistakes but their ego never allows them to say sorry. And that’s a big issue observed in relationships that everyone needs to know. Remember, never say sorry, unless you mean it. We are human beings, not angels, so we all commit mistakes and raised to say sorry. But saying sorry is not enough, until or unless you change your behavior with a partner.

4- Stop Doing Arguments 

If you are aware of your partner’s nature, likes dislikes, or mood swings, then you must know about his/her psychology. This way, you need to stop doing arguments over any matter and then you will be able to tackle him/her accordingly. Similarly, when you feel something wrong or any change in your partner’s behavior, stop questioning at that time. It will make him/her irritated.

5- Appreciate His/Her Achievements

Appreciation is an encouraging feeling and everyone feels loved when they praised by their loved ones. So, appreciate your partner’s achievements and try to celebrate his/her every minor success. This will show great support and motivation from your side.

6- Express Your Love & Care 

Never hesitate to express your love and care, because it strengthens your relationship. Exchanging of lovely words, sharing your thoughts about him/her, talking about future plans/life, share the pleasant memories that you spend together and so on. Such kind of sharing helps you to get closer to each other and also it brings the spark back into your relationship.

7- Be His/Her Strong Support System

Never try to let down your partner at any step of life. As we know that life is unpredictable so, ups and downs are part of life. This way, you need to be a strong support system of your partner and never feel exhausted by doing this, but take it as your obligation. This will help you to strengthen your relationship.

8-  Be A Good Friend 

Friendship never dies. Whatever the situation is, just try to be a good friend of your partner. Be flexible with your partner so that he/she can share everything with you. This way, you just need to listen to your partner, respect his/her opinions and divert his/her mind accordingly.

9- Give Some Space

You can’t bound or restrict anyone. So, give some space for your partner to spend some me-time. If this irritates you, then this way, you just have to wait for him/her with patience and also you can indulge yourself in different activities. This helps you to kill your time easily, also it helps you wait patiently, and what’s more, it will help you to avoid a mess.

10 – Don’t Assume And Overthink

Whatever the situation is, don’t assume and overthink anything before asking. Yes… This is another issue that creates misunderstandings. For this, first, you should ask and clarifies the matter.

Hence, life would be easy and you feel will relax, if you adopt these 10 healthier habits to strengthen your relationship.

 By Pirah Aijaz (Karachi)

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