By Javeria Faizan


Education is a form of learning in which knowledge and skills are transferred through teaching. It is a way of establishing behavioral patterns that are useful for us in any society. Education is important for us whether as a person or as a society. It influences our personal development, promotes autonomy, forms a cultural identity, establishes a career, promotes good citizenship, preserves cultural values, and develops productive members of society.  But, unfortunately, the modern education system is failing our students due to its innumerable flaws. However, this write-up serves the purpose to enlighten you about the 10 pitfalls of the modern education system of  Pakistan.

Looking at our current education system, we must first understand how it came into existence. In the early 1900s, child labor laws were enforced with no limits. Children began to spend their time in classrooms. The schools were built for the sole purpose of producing top-notch factory workers. Unfortunately, our world has evolved, and the changes it brought have stunted our education system rather than brought more innovation and creativity. No one can deny that being educated is important. It is an essential quality that differentiates us from animals. It nurtures us and makes us human. However, it has some pitfalls too which can create panic for society such as:

10 Pitfalls Of the Modern Education System 

1- Restricts Creativity

Education helps the learner think bigger and better. Some modern forms of education blindly impose ideas upon young minds restricting their own creativity and capability to handle complicated scenarios.

2- Ignores Individuality

With a number of students, a teacher is forced to teach to the level of the slowest one. This results in anyone who has learned faster or has a different learning style being held back.

3- Creates Dependency

Educational setup is causing students to depend on their teachers for learning. They look upon their teachers when they have any problems. This restricts their problem-solving skills. They become incapable of autonomous learning.

4- Excludes Special Needs

Amongst a large number of students, the ones with special needs are usually ignored. Students with autism, dyslexia, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are looked down upon and treated as poor learners. It shatters their confidence and greatly affects their learning capabilities.

5- Fails At Constructing Real Friendships

The education system is failing in teaching a vital skill of discerning healthy friendships. Most of the friendships formed at educational institutions don’t last usually, because they are constructed for the convenience of having someone who is sharing your short-term goals. We can be kind to everyone we meet, but that does not constitute real friendship.

6- Diminishes Self-Confidence

It offers a little experience in having teacher-undirected conversations. When we look around, we see a lot of young adults who are not even able to carry on a normal everyday conversation with a stranger. This is happening because having original thoughts and sharing interesting facts about yourself or something is not encouraged during the student era of our lives.

7- Fails At Teaching Basic Life Skills

In the race of teaching academics, cultivating basic life skills is usually ignored. Look around, young adults don’t even know how to cook an egg. Everyday chores like laundering, cleaning, and cooking is not even touched upon.

8- Causes of Discrimination

Education is becoming a major cause of discrimination. The grading system is creating a gap between high-achieving students and their average counterparts. People who have attained a higher level of education start looking down upon those who are academically below them. Educational institutes and their certifications are becoming a thing to show off. The more well-known the institute the more elite its education is assumed. These are becoming a huge source of resentment.

9- Complicates Viewpoint

Education sometimes causes us to look at a problem from a complex point of view when it can be solved in a simple way.

10- Existence Of Favouritism 

This is a major problem that exists in almost all educational institutes. The harsh fact is, favoritism degraded the hard work in organizations which causes numerous problems. Though, teachers grade the students according to their mindset, not on the basis of students’ class performance or abilities.  Sadly, they follow preferential treatment with certain students due for different causes which is totally unprofessional.

However, these are the 10 pitfalls of the modern education system of Pakistan that needs more consideration in order to resolve the overall problems.

Nelson Mandela said in one of his inspirational speeches;
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
It is correct but in today’s context, it is losing its charm. So, there is a need to overhaul the whole education system of our country.

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