By Sumaiyah Ali 

People always enjoy making things. And as children, all individuals enjoy being creative and crafty. Also, they like to make things, explore, and experiment. As they grow older, they can get stuck in a routine sometimes, and then they forget about that childlike curiosity and wonder. That is to say, I am a big believer in having a creative outlet. Therefore, people can literally do any activity as long as they make something, whether it is a musical instrument, knitting, painting, or making plane models. Therefore, here are the 10 reasons why it is cool to show creative sides.

10 Reasons Why It Is Cool To Show Creative Sides

1- Generate A Love For Creativity And Learning

Art develops a willingness to explore what has never existed before. And it teaches risk-taking, being open to other possibilities, and learning from one’s mistakes. Moreover, kids who are creative are passionate and curious to know more.

2- Develop The Whole Brain

Art strengthens focus, develops hand-eye coordination, and increases attention. And creativity needs strategic thinking and practice, and artists interact with the material world through different art mediums and tools.

3- Prepare Kids For The Future

All career paths highly need open-minded and creative people. And creative education and art increase the future quality of the global and local community. In other words, being creative is a lifelong skill and individuals can use it in everyday situations.

4- Learn To Solve Problems

Art teaches people about many solutions to the same problems. And it encourages open-minded thinking and challenges an individual’s beliefs. Therefore, open-minded thinking creates questions and one must find answers to them.

5- Support Your Emotional Intelligence

Art supports complex emotional expression. Therefore, kids feel better about themselves, and they see what others have created and expressed, and they understand them. That is to say, art supports discovering joy in one’s own self and personal meaning in life.

6- Build Your Community

Art reaches across radical stereotypes, socioeconomic levels, religious barriers, and prejudices. And seeing other cultures’ creative expression allows people to become less isolated, and more connected. Moreover, they realize that they relate to each other, and art increases a sense of belonging. Hence, building one’s community is among the 10 reasons why it is cool to show a creative side.

7- Improve Your Holistic Health

Art increases student attendance and inspiration and builds self-esteem. And it improves communications and grades, strengthens an individual’s relationship with the environment, and nurtures teamwork.

8- Art Is Big Business

At the core of the video game and film industries are artists creating impressive stories and wonderful images. In other words, creative people artistically design every commercial product, such as chairs, space stations, and cars. And exhibitions sell a Leonardo Da Vinci painting for 450  million dollars, for instance.

9- Awaken Your Senses

Art opens the mind and heart to possibilities, and it makes everyone more imaginative. And art is a process in which individuals learn to experience the world in new ways and to create awesome crafts themselves. That is to say, art supports the bigger picture or view of life. For instance, art supports symbols, beauty, storytelling, and spirituality. Also, it helps people to step out of time, so individuals are present in the moment. And art keeps the magic alive.

10- Art Is Eternal

Self-expression and creativity have always been important to people, And they have recorded the earliest creative expressions in cave paintings and ancient sculptures. Moreover, kids paint, draw and use their imagination to play.

Therefore, if someone says that he does not have a creative bone in his body, then he is underestimating his skeleton, and he is undervaluing his brain seriously. In other words, creativity is an important part of being human. And if someone denies its expression, then he denies other important human elements that everyone intuitively realizes that they would be miserable without. That is to say, creativity is a part of what and who people are. And no one is a pro at creativity at first, so they should not feel deterred by certain first failures. Hence, these are the 10 reasons why it is cool to show creative sides. So, individuals should express their creative sides for these reasons.

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