By Areeb Zaheer


No doubt, music is a strength for its enthusiasts. Staunch music lovers have carved this phrase on their souls till eternity. For some musicians, music is a hobby to kill time, but for some, the institution of music is a religion in itself. Passionate musicians follow and practice this religion ardently. They know the essence of this art which needs to be cherished with each breath as a tranquilizer. A majority would prefer seclusion and tranquility while composing tracks or writing songs. However, one finds this opportunity once in a blue moon. You cannot possibly lock yourself in a room for hours with persistent concentration. Distractions always find their way to you in both, physical and rational forms. These distractions could appear in the form of your family who bangs on the door until the motivation to create something dies a tragic death. Drills and construction work happen to be a weekly distraction, especially when you are struggling with an unfinished piece. Cafés, Parks, and Libraries no longer serve their main purpose anymore. Every possible place is a recreational sport for a meet and greets now, but we are not blaming anyone here. Things happen when societies grow at the rate of inflation. The Possibilities of these brainstorming sessions have been crippling rapidly. This leaves less room for creators to come up with an extraordinary piece of art for the public and it is indeed worrisome for the music industry as well. Thus, after having a cogitating session with experts we came up with the 5 best ways to create music in chaos.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 best ways to create music in chaos. Let’s have a look at it.

5 Best Ways To Create Music In Chaos

 1-Find Beauty In Chaos

You might consider this phrase cliché but in reality, it is your key to a classic piece of music. We have built this preconceived notion that only serenity can beget the best out of us. But we don’t know why. Maybe because we prefer to think in silence and noise pollution is considered as a blockage for our creativity cells. Who made these rules? Humans. So humans can break them as well. You cannot search for a secluded spot all the time. The population is increasing and isolation is hard to find with an impending load of responsibilities as well. The only option you are left with is to seek light in the darkness. It is not as deep as it seems! All you have to do is look for beauty in that chaos. Music is the noise you hear on a daily basis after all. Create your originals and beats from the screeching of young boys, the laughter of girls, and the cries of a toddler. Inspiration lies in the footsteps of a stranger, munching of an annoying kid, and typing on a keyboard, it all depends on you how and when you grab that moment to make it your own. Look around those chaotic streets, every sound has a story of its own. The noise around you narrates a distinctive saga.  All you need to do is observe keenly with open ears and maybe closed eyes if you want.  People can and people have come up with masterpieces, created in the streets of London.

2- Use Earmuffs

Always keep a pair of earmuffs with you no matter what, wherever you are. Be careful when buying them in the U.S. though, earmuffs carry a sign of Noise Reduction Rating which symbolizes their authenticity. Earmuffs are pretty handy not just for people sensitive to noise but also for musicians like you who have nowhere to go except for chaotic surroundings. They will help to reduce noise and stress. Peltor X5A and 3M Peltor Optime98, NRR 25 are highly recommended by experts.

3-Tune Into Your Favorite Melody

If you find earmuffs a waste of money and a piece of useless baggage to carry with you, here is another easy and simple strategy. It is not possible for you to not listen to music in your free time so of course, tunes and songs will be an integral part of your life. Now all you have to do is, start listening to them when you are working on a piece of music and there is unbearable noise pollution around. Miles Davis, Jon Hopkins, and Daughter have the best collection to help you with concentration and motivation at work. Musicians of the 20th century are believed to be great fans of piano and violin tunes. According to them, the bug of inspiration crawls from soothing music. All you need to do is, download a few tunes on your smartphone or play them online on YouTube with air pods in your ears.

 4-Start Playing Your Own Music

This is not absurd, but an actually tried strategy by hundreds of people. In times of severe cases when your ears give up and the brain no longer synchronizes, buck up and do something to diminish the chaos. Remember, each and every effort counts. Start playing any musical instrument you are carrying with you or put some use of those vocal cords and sing a song for the free audience. This will not only help you gain free followers and admirers but create a momentary distraction from the chaos. People will rationally consider settling down and murmuring about your skills rather than creating chaos. A perfect distraction for them and you to focus on music. This is a way to understand the general public and make your own PR. Fans love when artists show such gestures. They can talk about you for the next couple of hours and you can easily focus on your work.

5- Be Optimistic

At times it is our own pessimism bothering us. Thus, we are not able to concentrate and detest everything that comes by. Optimism is the key to refreshing minds that lead to progress. Your pessimism in noisy surroundings can be harmful to your thoughts and temper. People with short tempers are not appreciated in this world. You should be accustomed to every situation. Never know next time you have to work on your music in a jungle with a pack of wolves howling behind! Just Kidding. Our main concern is to resonate with all types of situations and find the light which guides you to unimaginable destinations. Don’t let anything come in your way ever.

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