By Rafia Mangi

Becoming a good writer is not that easy. Writing is an art which is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires hard work, dedication, and last but not least, it requires a lot of time and constancy to become a writer. In fact, having good writing skills is bliss it requires a lot of attention and concentration to write. But the best is, the more you put effort and the more you read, the more you learn to write. All you need to do is to improve your writing flow with the help of reading. Remember, your constant efforts will make your path smooth. Here we are bringing you 5 easy ways to become a good writer.

What makes you a Good Writer?

What makes a good writer is a big question for all beginners who just start writing and put their efforts to improve their writing skills and struggle for achieving their targets. To become a good writer what you have to do is just have to write whatever you want. That’s it. Really, that is all you have to do. You don’t just want to become a writer. You want to become a good writer. You want to become a great writer. You want to become a professional writer. Not all these things are the same but they vary from time to time. And it depends upon which goal you are working for. To become a good writer you should have faith in your inner self and I believe you have it in you. It is a very initial step you have to take to start.

Hook for Writing

Hooks play an important role in writing or you can say that it’s a key tool of writing. When and what you write people should hook up on your write-ups. People get distracted easily and if you don’t hook them properly you might lose them. The hook is basically the first or second sentence of your article, blog, essay, tweets, email, etc. Make it challenging and attractive to compete for readers’ attention. So that reader wants to read more.

Common Types of Hooks

  • Static hook
  • Quotation hook
  • Statement hook
  • Story hook
  • Question hook

5 Easy Ways to Become a Good Writer

 1- Static Hook

By using this hook you can provide clear and authentic information to your reader about the topic and impress your reader by giving your knowledge but you need to give facts that are accurate and reliable.

2- Quotation Hook

This is a hook in which you can start your writing by giving a quotation. You can quote anyone if connects to what you are writing about.

3- Story Hook

In this, you begin with a short story or episode that relates to your topic. Readers love to read a story, especially a well-written story that is memorable. But keep in your mind that the story should directly connect with your topic.

4- Question Hook

This is very interesting to start your topic with a question hook and the only way a person can know the answer to that question is by reading your write-up.

5- Statement Hook

A strong statement is another technique to make a strong connection with your reader. It doesn’t matter if your reader agrees or disagrees with your statement, they will get interested to know how you support your statement and you will make them think about your statements and make their own arguments. If you follow these 5 easy ways, you will surely become a good writer.

A Good Writer

To become a good writer, you should know that readers could be doing many other things with their precious time than reading your write-up. They choose you to read in the hope your words will take them out of their everyday life. They want to be entertained and collect knowledge too. The reader is a key skill for a writer. Make connections with readers by working hard to satisfy readers. Making people see things in a new way. Let them see the world in a different way. The ability to make your reader look at something and understand it from a new perspective is why writing can be one of the most powerful ways of increasing human understanding.

Skilled Writer

Skilled writer always uses appropriate language and simple words for what they are writing. They do not use big words to show off that they know what they mean. Good writers use clear, concise language that gets their message to the readers. Writers always know how to play with words and how to take pleasure in the language they use to communicate their idea.

Best Books for Writing

What do you have to do to improve your writing? The only answer to your question is to read a lot. Read anything and everything that you can easily find and you will become a good writer. Read your favorite topics, and articles, like; fiction, non-fiction, historical or personal essays. Read books that are relevant to your topic or what you are going to plan to write next. And when you are in the mood to learn about crafts, read books on writing.

The title of some books is given below to improve your writing skills and have better inspiration for figuring out where to pitch your ideas. Here are some books on writing!

  1. Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott
  2. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. In writing – Stephen King
  4. Self-editing for fiction writers – Renni Brown Dave King

Writing well is very hard. There are no shortcuts or hacks. The only way is to improve through practice. Write every day if it’s only a single sentence! Being a good writer is all about taking everything one step, one sentence at a time by taking you off in the right direction. We are sure these 5 easy ways will help you in this regard.

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