By Parveen Rizvi 

Getting into a relationship is easy. The idea of “happily ever after” is so glorified that people often tend to believe love comes easy. However, what the fairytales won’t tell you is the amount of effort and commitment that goes into keeping a relationship afloat. It definitely isn’t easy and the happily ever after might quickly turn into trouble if you stop evolving in it. There are good days and there are bad days, but what matters most is how you choose to face them together or handle them as an individual when it’s about your other half. While it may seem difficult at times, it’s you who knows the value of your relationship. The good days can transcend the bad ones and make things so much better. Start thinking about these 5 relationship goals you can focus on to stay together stronger than ever!

5 Relationship Goals Every Couple Should Have

1- Communication

This is the key to any good relationship. You and your partner should be able to communicate all the good things – and bad! An effective two-way channel allows you to understand each other better and avoid any misunderstandings and irrelevant arguments.

While there may be times the other person doesn’t understand your perspective, there is always room to talk it out. That’s why it’s so important that you understand what ‘effective communication’ is – Listen, Understand, and Empathize.

2- Prioritize

Even if you and your partner have been together for years, it is necessary that you show them through small gestures that they matter. That they’re still a priority and you respect the relationship as much as you did the first day.

Prioritizing your relationship and your partner allows you to give more time to them and consequently maintain that intimacy. Allow your bond to grow stronger every single day. Absence, when you can be present surely, doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, rather it makes it bitter.

3- Be Patient

No two people can have the same opinions. There will always be arguments. There will always be conflict. And there will always be a difference of opinion. It’s your job to handle this. The keyword here? Patience.

Be patient with your partner. Allow them to explain their perspective. Listen. Understand, Empathise. In case of inevitable fights and arguments, be forgiving. It is what will allow you to grow together as a couple.

4- Support Each Other

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you’ve got someone to fall back on. Someone who is always there to pick you up and help you stand in the face of adversity. Never let that go.

Be supportive of each other no matter what. It is your duty as a partner to be there for your significant other and be proud of them and their achievements despite your own. Never compare yourselves or let any jealousy ignite between the two of you.

5- Love Language

While many couples are as much in love as they were in the beginning, they can’t seem to reach out to their partner. No matter what you do, the other person does not seem happy. This is when you need to question yourself whether you understand their love language.

There are typically five love languages. You need to understand where you lie and where your partner does. You might feel secure by giving words of affirmation but their love language may be physical touch. Understand. Work on it. Grow stronger.

As long as you’re putting in the effort, all is well. So sit back and brace yourself because while your relationship may seem difficult at times, it definitely can be worth it! We are sure these 5 relationship goals would surely help you strengthen your relationship.

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