Music is something we all love to listen to in our free time. We can listen to the songs as per our mood. If we are happy we prefer the songs with happy lyrics and if we are sad we prefer sad songs because we find ourselves trapped in a similar situation, that the singer has put into the lyrics. In this blog, I will talk about 5 songs to lift up your mood. Let’s get straight to them.

5 Songs To Lift Up Your Mood

1- Roar by Katy Perry

5 songs to lift up your mood and the first one to pop up in my mind is Roar. Her songs are always about self-belief and motivating yourself to face challenges. In this song, she first talks about how pathetic and miserable she used to be because she stood for nothing but later on she cleared that how she became her own hero by starting from zero. Just because she never let the opinions and doubts of others affect her, instead she used the energy to believe in herself and now she has her own voice which she symbolizes with Roar.

2- High Hopes by Panic at the Disco

If you feel like you have lost it, if you feel like a complete loser then this song will be like a blanket of warmth for you. This song highlights that not everything is easy. The thing that you are after is going to be complicated. It’s going to be hard as a rock but the key is to never ever give up.  It’s ok if you fail the first time but don’t lose hope. Keep your hopes high and keep up with the hard work because it will all be worth it in the end

3-  Hard on yourself by Charlie Puth and Blackbear

I decided to add it among 5 songs to lift up your mood because many people and especially girls can relate to this. Insecurities are present so commonly in girls and social media just added fire to the fuel in this regard. This song talks about insecurities and dealing with them. We are perfect in our own ways we have flaws but so does everyone else. No one is completely perfect as we see on social media. It’s not cool to compare ourselves with what we see on social media. This song highlights the insecurities that lie deep within girls and how they should just let them go and be themselves. Because for the right person they will be perfect no matter how many flaws they have and for the wrong person, they will always be full of flaws.

4- Through the Dark by One Direction

Among 5 songs to lift up your mood this one stands different in the list. This song deals with the fact that at some point in life we feel completely lost and alone. We forget how we use to laugh and smile and how we were full of life. But due to cruel circumstances, we forget ourselves and we encaged ourselves and we won’t let anyone come close to us. Our hearts can no more love anyone. But if we are lucky enough we have someone waiting for us, someone who never gives up on us, someone who wants to see us smile and laugh again, someone who knows we want to be loved but are too scared. For all the people out there feeling entrapped, this song is for you. How sometimes people very close to us are our motivation but we don’t realize because we have given up on everything but they, they just want to see us happy.

5- Life Goes on by BTS

In 5 songs to lift up your mood this is the last but not the least song on the list. It clearly depicts that we face hardships, we face tough circumstances, we feel sometimes like the world has stopped for us but no matter how hard things get. One thing is for sure and that is that Life goes on. Sometimes the real bravery is just to wake up and face the day with your smile no matter how heavy your heart is because life goes on. As they say, Life is a game and we all are players it’s all about how we play.

By Rameen Asif

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