By Habiba Amoudi 

Staying happy, is easier said than done, isn’t it? While we can fill up pages and pages on ways to stay happy, we should always remember that the whole thing is a game of willpower. It is about whether you really want to have a positive change in your life. So before you begin reading this blog, ask yourself if you really are willing to apply these 5 ways to stay happy in your life. If yes, then let’s go!

5 Ways To Stay Happy Or Happier In Life 

1- Laughing Therapy

What’s better than allowing yourself a hearty belly laugh? Although, you can’t force yourself to laugh all the time (I can though!) it is always good to watch a funny show or a series which makes you feel lighter.

2- Find Old Friends

By this I never mean that one should accommodate unwanted mean friendships in life but we can always reach out to some sweet, short-lived friendships. When in school or university days, we come across many good friends. But we lose contact with them due to some or the other simple reasons. We can always go and look for them on social media. Reconnect with them and reminisce about the good old days.

3- Cleanliness for Mindfulness

Can you recall the moment when you are angry or frustrated and there is some unwanted object lying there and blocking your way, you give it a good kick to release your anger, don’t you? Yes, because a cluttered house increases anxiety and depression. Cleanliness is a broad term, you can start with what you like the most, arranging cupboards, washing dishes, giving a makeover to your room, and so on. A 2014 study published in the journal mindfulness found that participants who took part in washing the dishes reported a 27% decrease in nervousness and depression.

4- Choose a Good Company

To stay happy, one always has to remember whom they’re surrounded with. While many times, we don’t have an option to choose our company I.e. a spouse, a friend, a sibling, etc. it was always important to check if their presence makes you feel positive or toxic. If it is the latter, then find ways to stay away from that company or at least lessen the toxicity and reconcile with them.

5- Engage Spiritually

We all know that no religion teaches sorrow or sadness. Reading your religious book and practicing what it preaches gives a sense of solace to the mind. Humanity and Charity are common pillars in all religions, practicing these makes a person content and happy.

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