By Asfa Asad 


People have ambitions, career goals, and dreams for which they struggle day and night. Some want to be a doctor and engineers, while others want to be an entrepreneur, etc. In fact, there are various fields that everyone can join as per their aptitudes. But, I always wanted to become a writer because it brings meaning to the world. Here I’m going to share 7 reasons why I want to be a writer because it is another broader field to explore.

7 Reasons Why I want to be a Writer

1- I am a dreamer. I am among the very few percentages of the world that want to pursue the dream. I dreamt to be a writer that can write about everything that deserves to be written down and known by the world. Writing is a special and unique passion, and my wish is to turn this dream into reality.

2- I want to be the creator of my imagination. I’m an aspiring writer and want to create my own blog, where I can throw out the exciting thoughts I have in my head and let others read them.

3- I am an observer, beholder, and viewer. I observe every little thing that happens to me. And, I keep thinking about the events and how they affect me. I can pick out things that are out of the ordinary and want people to talk about the things that go unnoticed.

4- I am a passionate reader. Reading helps a lot in becoming a good writer. If you read a lot, you get to know new vocabulary and many good ways of writing. I love reading biopics, novels, and blog posts.

5- I have so many ideas in my head. Creators’ and Writers’ heads should always be full of ideas. They should brainstorm every day to generate new ideas. Just in case the first idea does not work, they must have another one. Brainstorming keeps a writer busy, and she/he will never feel free and escaped.

6- I want to give free therapy to people. Experts say writing is one form of release. It can cure a bad day. If you are having a bad mood and read something positive, you can escape from it.

7- I want to change people’s lives. I badly want to. It is not easy, I know but not impossible too. I want people to understand what I write and what is the reason behind it. I want people to laugh when they want to laugh, comfort when they need to comfort and cheer when they need to be cheered through my content.

If you also have such qualities, then you can also pursue your passion as a career. These above are the reasons why I want to be a writer. This blog can give you a clear idea about pursuing your passion as a career that fills your heart and soul and helps to fulfill your dream.

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