Covid-19 has affected kids’ life in a really distressing way. ‘We’ the kids need to stay at home that’s why we are feeling bored and lazy, staying at home doing nothing. Also, it affected our education, academic performance, etc. It is a huge learning loss due to school closures during the coronavirus pandemic. And here I would say that the majority of children are also feeling stress and anxiety these days. Well, considering this, today, I am going to share some activities that I did throughout the school break and those activities helped me a lot amid the pandemic.

Activities throughout the School Break 

1- Time Table/Schedule

You can plan a timetable to organize your routine. You can work together with your parents & siblings to make a timetable for productive days & nights. For me, it worked well, you should give it a try!

2- Reading Books

Reading is a great habit that helps increase your knowledge, strengthen language & improve your vocabulary. You can read different books depending upon your area of interest. It will help you to explore yourself.

3- Gardening

Gardening can be much fun and interesting habit. You can plant different seeds from the fruits you eat at home. Simply dig a tiny hole in the soil and put the seed in. Water your seed regularly and make sure it gets the right amount of sunlight. Someday it will grow to be a lovely plant that would encourage you to plant more often.

4- Arts & Craft

You can start making different stuff with paper and card board. You may make projects, paper airplanes, paper boats, flowers &many more things. Also, there are many ideas available on google to craft different things. This will help your creativity and it is fun to do.

5- Simple Science Experiments at Home

You may do different science experiments with food or material available at home. Kids can also arrange a project on a simple experiment with the required ingredients. If kids need more ideas for science experiments, they can go and search for simple and easy experiments to do at home.

6- Household Chores

Children can do some household chores that will increase responsibility and care. Helping your parents would be a nice activity to do.

7- Home Workout [exercise]

Sometimes sitting down for more than 2 hours can cause pain in your body. That’s why every day you should set a time with your family for at least 15-30.

8Educational Games

Educational games can be games that use thinking skills or problem-solving games. For example; board games, like Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, and more.

 9- Learn a Language

You can learn a language of your choice in your free time. Learning a language can help to solve problems and to have more flexible and creative thinking.

10- Journal Writing

Journal writing is one of the best habits of any person. Journal writing can keep your thoughts positive and organized, it can improve your writing, it can help kids and adults set and achieve goals and it will help boost kids’ creativity.

There are different types of journals including a gratitude journal, dream journal, thoughts journal, travel journal, art journal, and much more depending on your interest.

By Amal Zeeshan (Student of 4th Standard) 

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