By Mahek Fatima 


How important is it for us to have an Affirmation of a positive mindset every day in our lifestyle? Let’s talk about affirmations. What they are? Why do we have them in our lives? Why do we value them? How do they work? 

What is an affirmation?

In simple words, something declared to be true; therefore a positive statement or judgment whether you are implementing it on yourself or maybe helping someone. A positive mindset can do wonders for us to get reinforces confidence and helps us vanish negative thoughts. Self-affirmation may also help reduce the effects of stress.

Do affirmations work? 

Affirmations are positive mindsets or judgments that help to self-sabotage your brain over negative thoughts. It also helps to push ourselves beyond limits and challenge ourselves. Knowing that you can manage stress and can promote faith in yourself. Affirmations promote the part of positive thinking that assists to bring positive life changes.

Here are a few affirmations that can be used on daily basis in different aspects of life. For example; fitness and health, confidence, self-love, including career or workplace, etc.

  • I’m in the right place, at right time, and doing the right thing. 
  • I’m healthy and filled with energy.
  • I‘m organized and productive in my way.
  • I’m in charge of how I feel about myself.
  • I’m setting a mindset and it will go brilliantly.
  • I’m open and ready to learn.
  • My positive thoughts create positive feelings.
  • Today is doing to be an awesome day.
  • I forgave myself for my blunders.
  • It’s okay to not know everything.
  • Don’t blend in the crowd just to fit in.
  • I will not compare my life and myself with strangers on the internet.
  • I’m excited about the person I’m becoming and want to be.
  • The greatest gift I can give to myself is unconditional love.
  • I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me.
  • I choose not to take anything personally from another.
  • Positively is a choice, I choose to stay positive.
  • I’m allowed to say “no” to others if I feel uncomfortable as I’m allowed to say “yes” to myself for things that make me happy.
  • My confidence will grow if I will step outside of my comfort zone.
  • I can eat anything I want without any guilt and enjoy my food.
  • All of my problems have solutions.
  • I’m capable of completing my task and responsibilities.
  • I’m a good mother in my way.
  • I’m talented.
  • I’m getting stronger every day.
  • It’s not their job to like me. it’s mine.
  • Today I will try to leave another bad habit and adopt a new and positive one.
  • I will not stress about the things I can’t control.
  • My health is more important than anything else.
  • I will only set goals that matter.

It’s better to make a journal and write down all the positive affirmations about yourself and make sure to read it out loud every day at least one time a day to yourself. Reading out or saying positive affirmations every day helps us build a positive mindset for ourselves.

Remember “When you expect the best you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you.” Norman Vincent Peale

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