By Nazia Ghori

As the winter season arrives, we try to keep ourselves warm with cozy sweaters, a comfy blanket, and hot drinks. In winter, the air temperature and humidity levels drop which reduces the moisture from our skin cells making it dry, patchy, itchy, sometimes red, and irritated. But there is nothing to worry just the season is changing. People spend lots of money on expensive products like face creams and moisturizers and they don’t try home remedies. Let us tell you that natural ingredients and home remedies are good for your skin. You can try some of the best natural ingredients present in your kitchen which are pure and chemical-free. Let’s find out some of the best home remedies for skincare in winter.

Best Home Remedies For Skincare In Winter

What To Include In Our List?

  • Aloe vera
  • Water
  • Natural oils like coconut oil, and almond oil.
  • Honey

Let us see some useful tips for skin care in winter.

1- Aloe Vera

Its non-greasy texture makes it the best moisturizer for dry skin in winter. It can be used with oils as a natural moisturizer which also keeps away acne and wrinkles on the skin.

2- Water

Drinking lots of water keeps your skin hydrated which flushes out the toxins from within your body.  You can use cucumber as it is very rich in water content eat it raw or apply it on the face.

3- Naturals Oils

Oils like almond oil and coconut oil are some of the best oils we can use. You can massage your face with almond oil and leave it overnight for the best results. Coconut oil acts as the best winter moisturizer and prevents moisture from your skin.

4- Honey

It can be used with many other ingredients to make a perfect face pack for the face which will be extremely beneficial. Honey mixed with mashed banana, milk, and lime juice applies to your face. It’s best for too-dry skin. Honey with egg white provides the exact moisture to the skin, end result is soft and glowing skin.

Winter season is the time when our skin needs more pampering and extra care. Giving a nice oil massage before a bath takes care of your dry flaky skin in winter, reduces stress, and have a sound sleep.

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