By Kanwal Lakhani

Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan with the sub-title Putting Life in Perspective is truly an epic piece of Islamic literature; as it aims to fix the Outlook of Life for our present generation of Muslim ummah. In this present age of distractions and deviations, the majority of Muslim ummah is under the shackles of religious doubts and identity crises, added to ignorance towards the deen, which is producing an extremely negative and passive Muslim generation, who at times feels completely embarrassed to claim themselves even Muslims.

Therefore, this collection of reminders by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan is acting as a powerful ray of sunshine in the cloudy and hazy situations of this day Muslim ummah, as all these reminders are from the most authentic resource of Quran and Sunnah; which is our strongest and most prized possession in this world. And in order to tap the hidden beauty and magnificence of the Quran and Sunnah, he is taking aid from the deep and vast Arabic language, knowledge, and Arabic literature, thus depicting a complete picture in front of us with the help of not just pre and post-events from Islamic history plus providing in-depth information and each word’s connotations of the given ayahs.

This type of information and diversely explained commentary of the Quran and Sunnah like the one done by Ustadh Noman is an effective and impactful way of teaching in this era of knowledge saturation.

Through all these five chapters, the writer with the help of Quranic ayahs and sunnah, is carving our Muslim mindset first by attaining a strong bond with Allah through Dua; being our most powerful weapon.

Then, he proceeds to make an effort in removing the stigma of useless criticism and over-assumptions and install a vigilant consciousness to fight our Zann (making assumptions) for a cooperative Muslim society to thrive. Along with this in the same chapter, he is also highlighting one of the most important traits of our greatest Transformational leader ‘prophet Mohammad (Salla Allah alayhi wasalaam), this trait of Individual consideration in any specific given situation was taught to him by Allah (azz wa jall) after the incident of the battle of uhed.

Later, the writer is throwing light on the importance of earning money through halal means and ways to spend it according to Allah’s will, which will further strengthen our Muslim community on the basis of firm and just foundations of Islam.

Lately, the writer is discussing some hard-pressed issues in our Muslim society, like the birth of a girl considered a burden still up to this age, the Delima of free speech in the West and the consequences it generates in Muslim ummah and extreme endorsement of our present generation in music, all these issues were cleared and given solutions in the light of strict Quran and Sunnah teachings.

And last but not least, the writer has beautifully suggested to us the correct aspect of life by considering the life of Akhirah as our final destination and ultimate goal to achieve, and this short-spanned life of dunya as an opportunity to earn closeness to Allah and the rewards of hereafter that Allah holds with Him.

This book can truly work as a catalyst for those people who hold the desire to learn the Arabic language as this is the language chosen by Allah to convey His message plus it is the language of Jannah.

Therefore it is my deepest desire that after the strong legacy and best exemplary teachings of Prophet Mohammad(Salla Allah alayhi wasalaam), who was our last prophet as well, may Allah(azz wa jall)grant our Muslim ummah many informative and transformational teachers like Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, that can help us in exploring the true beauty and treasures of the Quran by pondering over it and researching it through different means and then implementing it in our daily lives till death…Ameen

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