By Nabiha Iqbal Sheikh

As we all are aware this pandemic couple of years has brutally distracted students’ study programs and curriculums. The world has suffered a lot on all grounds, especially in education, but it is not possible that the problem always remains a problem, the solution to every problem is always there too we just need to find the ways. Considering the significance of Education, here we are bringing you some free educational sites for learning at your own pace.

Virtual education is now on its boom. This is where cyber activities step in, the internet world also has many other useful sites for general education and awareness. A realm of student resources with rewardable information about anything, where you can learn the things your teachers and guides never taught you (or you didn’t feel you need to learn in your previous years), such as how to start saving or budgeting money, how to organized yourself and beat procrastination, the necessity of first aid in an emergency, introduction to negotiation, etc. In short, all the student resources you could ever possibly need are available online.

Below is a list of some useful categorized educational resources and websites that can help home learners in achieving their targets.

Free Educational Sites for Learning At Your Own Pace

1- Udemy

Udemy is offering over 130,000+ with 60+ different languages Any topic, any skill level, or any language has expert instructors. This is the world’s leading free resource site.


Edx is one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are welcome for those who are wishing to learn. Expand your knowledge at any level or get a degree. It is offering thousands of courses.

3- Coursera

This is the resource nowadays that covers a wide range of useful courses. It is in use by many students worldwide. It is a free skill-building site for top universities like Yale, Stanford, Google, and IBM.

4-  Future Learn

This is another useful platform that offers up to thousands of courses to millions of people around the world.

5- Alison

Among thousands of students and home learners, Alison is popular for its 3000+ useful free courses, diplomas, and certificates.

6- Khan Academy

An Initiative taken by an American non-profit organization is offering the learning material in all grounds of Science and mathematics.

7-  Code Academy

Students who are in search of technical education must visit this. Offering free coding classes in 12 different languages, it has 45 million users worldwide.

8- LinkedIn Learning

Students with a background in Business, Creativity, and technology join this. This is the right place where you can start new skills.

Besides all these sites,,, and provide majors of MOOC platforms, quality education, and learning resources.

General sites for Students


There are other free educational sites and resources where students can learn other beneficiary courses related to different heading grounds.

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