By Maria Asif 


A society is defined by the people living in it. Their actions determine whether their society is worth living in or not. Let us see what we can do to make a difference and how to contribute to uplifting society.

Yes, this may sound very dry and boring but it’s not. We have to realize the fact that our little deeds can go a long way. But of course, there is no such thing as a perfect citizen. But if we work hard enough maybe we can make a change someday and contribute to uplifting society.

The first and foremost thing is the power of politeness. Kind words said at perfect times can prove to be life-saving. When we speak politely with people, it can make their day. In this busy world, what people need is kindness as it can heal the stress of days.

Secondly, every individual should know their obligations towards society. Our obligations are merely rent that we pay for the homeland we live in. Just like how every household has some rules and regulations, the same goes for society. The laws that we follow are for our own good.

So next time, when we get any thoughts of violation, we should think about how we will be hurting our motherland. That being said, we should know your rights as well. We should know what we deserve so that we can stand up for ourselves when needed.

One of the most important things in society is cleanliness. Have you ever seen someone who has dustbins in his home but still throws trash on the floor? No right? So if we take that extra mile of throwing trash in the dustbin at home then why can’t we do that outside too? The better way of doing this is to keep our trash in hand till we come across any public trashcan then we can throw it out. This is one of the best ways to contribute to uplifting society.

Speaking about trash, let’s talk a little about climate change. It is the poison we are feeding to our planet earth. We cry about extreme weather, but sadly, we don’t look into its causes. The massive cutting down of trees has led us to the stage where we have to breathe polluted air. This causes the greenhouse effect and extreme weather changes.

The question is, what can we do about it? Well, it seems very difficult but, even a small step counts for a long journey. The least we can do is to have some plants in our home. We can also save the fruit seeds and we go out, we can throw them in the soil.

We come in daily contact with disposable water bottles. It’s a good thing to stay hydrated. But there are so many issues with these bottles, let’s see why. These bottles are made of unrecyclable plastic. And the decomposing life of this plastic is so long that when we throw these out, Chances are they’ll not decompose a bit for the rest of our life. The same goes for disposable plastic straws, cups, and whatnot.

Fortunately, we can do a lot about this issue. We can simply switch our disposable goods to reusable ones. This seems hard but it’ll get easy once we become habitual of it. Just think about the peace of sleeping knowing that the straw you used in the morning won’t choke any fish in the sea.

Lastly, everything mentioned above is genuine and even though it all seems simple, it is not. And it is okay. It’s just human nature. No one can change in a single day. Everyone has their journey, some being closer to the goal than others. The golden rule of life is to live and let live is applied here. Let’s not judge anyone that is behind us instead, Let’s help them grow by encouraging them towards positivity.

That’s how we can contribute to uplifting society. So, where are you on your journey? Leave your feedback in the comments.

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