How to deal with a change in a better way

Change can be either good or bad in life or for example, how the world is switched due to COVID-19  but the question is how to deal with a change? Change is an unavoidable constant in our lives, workplaces, or even within ourselves. You might have heard “ “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” H.P. Lovecraft“ 

Life is full of challenges and with these comes a feeling of failure, happiness, joy sometimes we feel overwhelmed other time depressed or even excited. Most of the time worried about how that’s going to happen and how are we going to deal with this alteration. It can be relocating to a new place, homeschooling, any kind of diseases, change in management at the workplace, getting married, appearing in exams and the list goes on.

How to deal with a change

Fortunately! There are ways to adapt to the change and embrace it. 

1- Remind yourself that you control your attitude and actions

Be in charge of your feeling and take actions according to them. Change may have moved your world upside down but make sure you still have controlled over the situation. You can choose to see a situation as a new opportunity and move forward with a positive mindset and be aware of what happening around you. 

2- Even good change can cause stress

You are about to have a baby, buying your dream home, joining a new company, starting your business; yes,  change is stressful even when it is positive and belief about street matters, As Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal argues in “The Upside of Stress”, your stress reaction has a greater impact on your health and success than the stress itself. If you believe stress kills you, it will. If you believe stress is trying to carry you over a big obstacle or through a challenging situation, you’ll become more resilient and may even live longer. 

3- Find the humor in the situation

Humor researcher Rod A. Martin, who has studied the effects of different styles of humor, has found that “affiliative humor,” can lighten the mood and improve social interaction. Trying to find a funny moment in different situations can ease the anxiety for us and also for others.

4- Talk to others

Sometimes talking to others with a similar problem or facing the same changes can not only help and also comforting. You can ask for advice through social media even strangers can help who might have “ been there” and knows how to handle the situation.

5- Look at change as a life lesson

Everything that happens to us can be seen as a learning opportunity and if you are religious a simple phase is enough to understand and cope with the change is “ everything happens for a reason “no doubt he ( our creator ) knows best what is good for us. Even a negative experience can help you grow as a better person. 

6- Going through pandemic

There’s been a lot of change as a result of Covid-19 for example homeschooling or ordering groceries online but remember that you are not alone in this. Accepting a fact that this is new normal can make you in charge of how well you can handle the situation in your ways. 

Most importantly give yourself a break, you might feel that you going out of control but it’s okay not to give your 100 percent, nobody can. People make mistakes and learning from those mistakes is what counts. Try and makes ways to be happy and laugh. Laughing releases endorphins—and that makes you feel good. Laughing also decreases cortisol—a stress-producing hormone.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude” -Oprah Winfrey

By Mahek Fatima 

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