At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone , how , when & where it will ends ? It doesn’t matter whether that person is a relative , friend, your partner or any other with close terms , you don’t let them use yourself or taking them the liberty to cause you pain or making you feel guilt . Then you have to set boundaries . In this writeup, we are going to discuss how to deal with toxic people in your life. Let’s have a look at the ways we have enlisted here!

How To Deal With Toxic People

1- Protect Yourself & Stay Away

If the person is still not realising the consequences of their actions , don’t accept blame or don’t try to fix those matters In which you have done nothing , let them face & learn the outcome of their actions .

2- Move On On Your Own 

Letting go those people who drain your positive spirit is the key to your own happiness . Don’t be afraid to walk away from the accusers in your life . They are too busy in searching flaws and faults of others to overcome their own weakness . Bring out your own positivity, goodness & brighter side and let them go .

3.- Speak Up The Truth 

These toxic people will do anything for clearing themselves by blaming others . Stop accepting that behaviour . In most social setups people tend to keep listening and keep quiet until it comes to them . They don’t realise that by keeping quiet you are giving them liberty & advantage to be more destructive and anguish . You are giving them space by not confronting them so speak up .

4- Don’t Let Them Feel Influential 

Some toxic people may use anger as a way to influence you or others . They will not respond you when you are trying to communicate , may be they interrupt you or get loud so they can put their heavy impact . Don’t let them do that , they are showing their weakness by shouting but you can convey your thoughts in a calm manner or as per the situation but it’s important to stop them their to show that you are not getting suppressed by them .

5- Keep Yourself Calm

Sometimes they may attacked your dignity , your prestige but it can never be taken away until & unless you did something wrong . They will say anything to disgrace you , but your grace and dignity is in your hands . Be calm , don’t let your emotions and anger raised in destructive manner . Be honest at heart, you will be more satisfied.

6- Don’t Take It Personally

Firstly believe yourself . They are guilty , it’s not you . Toxic people will try their best to make you feel that you have done something wrong to shake your mind & confidence . Don’t let this happen , you will be in a great piece of mind when you don’t react on it by not taking it personally .

7- Be Positive Within Yourself

Stay positive . Not reacting when these toxic people desperately seeking it , it is a far more powerful gesture of your inner strength . Their toxic energy can block your inner happiness , don’t allow them to harm your positive vibes . Stop being sad or unhappy , don’t waste your compassion , positivity and happiness by being unhappy . Raise your confidence level so you can fly sky high .

These are the ways that will surely help you to know how to deal with toxic people in your life. Try the above ways and we are sure you will feel calm and peaceful.

By Saima Rashid

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