By Sidra Ossama

“Habit” is simply something you do regularly and often without even realizing it. It is often said that busy parents do not have the time to read along with their child, not realizing what a great gift it could be to gift their child the habit of reading together. Bill Gates stated in ‘TIME’ magazine that reading is “absolutely” necessary for success. Parents should encourage children to cultivate the habit of reading so that it becomes a tool for attaining continuous knowledge and a companion wherein reading can be done for pleasure and relaxation. Considering the importance of reading, here we are going to share some useful tips on How to develop reading habits in children.

How To Develop Reading Habits In Children

1- Create a Reading Space

First of all pick a comfy reading corner it could be in their bedroom or in the lounge. It is not necessary to have a lot of bookshelves but yes some storybooks of their interest. Their reading space does not need to be so big but it must have enough light and space to keep books.

2- Read In Front of Your Child

Make a habit of daily reading your own books, newspapers, magazines, etc in front of them. This activity leaves a positive image in their little subconscious minds that reading is a part of our daily life.

3- Make a Timetable of Reading

It is good to make a weekly or monthly list of books they have to read. Keep it on the shelf in order and ask children to complete their tasks in the given time. Give them little rewards, like; small handmade certificates which they can keep in the showcase or in their rooms.

4- Take Trips To The Library

The library is a great place to explore new books and authors for free. Many libraries also have story sessions or other literacy programs for kids. In this way, kids will also motivate to read by observing other kids doing the same thing.

5- Let Your Child Pick What To Read

In the library, let your child explore the library area and choose a book of their own choice in their age-appropriate section. They actually love to read books of their own choice because they choose that book for some reason so they definitely show their interest in reading that particular book.

6- Ask For Reviews

Always ask for reviews about the story after reading because this helps to concentrate more and read carefully. Children like to describe their parents and they learn morals easily.

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