By Maria Farrukh


Everything is moving on, rivers, waterfalls, blowing wind,  whales in the water,  birds in the air on this planet even earth itself too, everything is in motion. What are you worth? As a human being, how would you evaluate your life?

However to  calculate your  net worth we subtract liabilities from assets to find out net worth, similarly, if we associate our negative thoughts with our liabilities and positive thoughts with our assets  then the equation would be

Assets – Liabilities = net worth

Positive thoughts – negative thoughts = positive worth

Setting life goals have a great impact on the human mind than winning a huge prize bond. It is not death fearing us, it is a regret of doing nothing that makes us equivocal.

By making a life list, we are seated in the driving seat which brings us towards efficiency and a sense of responsibility. The sense of evaluating life makes us focus on our goal in the dark horizon if we are led astray from our path.

Evaluating life, cultivates a new seed of optimism and productivity which may able us to turn our daydreams into the accomplishment of our goals. Life and energy are two coins if we use them simply then we are wasting them, and if we use them wisely then it will give you the full return of your life.

Evaluating life the difference between living life by default and living life by design

At the start of the month, make a snapshot of your life list of healthy goals, socially, and finances, and illustrate it as point A and at the end of the month check them and give an illustration of point B. If things in point B may get change then we move onwards.

There are five steps that may help us that how we can evaluate our lives.

1- Make an Activity Log

First, make a list of life goals or priorities, then make columns A B C D, put those things which we do in our daily life in column A, then in column B put those things which we want to increase in life, and in column C, put things which we want to decrease, and finally, in column D, we enter things which we want to eliminate from our lives.

2- Energizer & Energy Drainer

Secondly,  we make a list of all people and activities and on the other page make two columns headed by energizer and energy drainer, and those people which bring positivity in your life and bring energy in your life put in energizer columns, and the activities and people which causes acrimony, put them in energy drainer columns. We can identify the whole group of people in our lives with the help of this exercise.

3- Ask Reflective Questions Yourself

This exercise is most important in order to evaluate our lives.  In this,  we ask a list of questions  to ourselves, such as;

  • Are we happy in our life?
  • Are we utilizing our abilities to achieve our goals?
  • Are we passionate in our life?
  • Am I self-sufficient in my life?
  • Do I have control over my life?
  • Do I believe life is good? Why or why not?

These are all questions we need to ask our inner self which will help us to make audit our lives.

4- Use The Wheel of Life

This is the most common tool which is being used in life coaching approaches. With the help of this exercise, we may focus on all aspects of life. like; health, relationships, finances, recreation, fun, and physical environment.  We may get focus on all these and if there is a gap,  then we may overcome them using the wheel of life.

5- Get Our Goals on Paper

We already have a vague idea about our long-term and short-term goals but the fuzzy images in our head may not cut it here, get our all goals down on paper then go down the list and relate our all tasks with our goals, then we may come to know how much effort we have done and further needed to fulfill our goals.

After this, make a list of what we need to start, stop, and continue each thing to evaluate our lives. By evaluating our lives, we may able to transform our dreams into our achievements and satisfactions.

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