Self Care Sunday…Three magical words that will change your life if you follow. First, I discovered the concept of How do we care for selves? How to have a self-care routine? This raises several questions in mind about how to have so you just need to do what you like the most. So, try to do something you really enjoy as self-care is a priority and necessity- not a luxury in the work that we take for granted.

The daily ritual of a proper skincare routine is a healthy step in self-care. But let’s get real; our weeks can sometimes get so busy that we haven’t spent enough time taking care of our skin, skincare is all about giving moments that can improve your mood,  I encourage you to put aside a few minutes on a Sunday (or whenever you have some downtime) to give your skin the little extra love it needs. One of my favorite ways to do this is weekly exfoliation using oriflame products because they give free consultancy so it’s easy to know how to take care of your skin.

Things To Do On Self-care Sunday

Our skin bears (sun closure, dust, pollution weather changes, stress, etc) all affect our skin. In the hustle-bustle of life, we can not change our routine but still, we can have self-care Sunday to take care of it. We can follow some tips that exfoliate our skin in a good manner which removes dead skin over time. Regularly exfoliating will make a room for new cells, and can unclog pores, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, smooth rough texture, improve skin tone, and boost hydration. An easy way to do it deeply but gently at home is…

1 – Taking a Long Bath: Melt away your weekly worries with a long soak in a hot bath. (it relaxes your body and mind).

2- Apply a Hair Treatment: (it gives your hair shine, silkiness, and smoothness).

3- Exfoliate Your Body: (it removes your dead skin).

4-  Do a Face Mask: (it tights your open pores and gives shine to your face)

5-  Give Yourself  At-Home Manicure: (it removes dead skin over hands and gives shiny look to your hands).

It must be good quality products according to your age and skin type, I always recommend #oriflame because I have used it several times.

By Sualiha Imran 

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