By Rizwan Ahmed


Most of the candidates are unaware of Resumes as they are confused with Curriculum Vitae. A resume is a piece of art that shows your skills, capabilities, achievements, and academic records on paper. Creating a user-targeted resume is supported by a well-structured resume. A resume explains your personality, background, capabilities, and accomplishment and creates your first impression effectively to the employer before a physical meet-up. Keeping this in view, we have chosen the theme to help you out in this regard. However, this write-up will assist you to write a killer resume that gets you hired.

How To Write A Killer Resume That Gets You Hired

Here’s the structure of the resume that you need to follow.

1- Structure Of Resume


It should be prominent enough so that at first glance it can easily be noticed by the employer.

Contact Details

It is very important to mention contact details on top so that recruiters can easily track it for further reference or contact the candidate conveniently.


Everything in nature is backed by an objective for their existence. The Resume’s objective should be concise and effectively specific to the position applying for. You have to explain the 3 W’s.

  • Who I am?
  • What do I want to be?
  • Why does an employer consider me?

2- Academics/Experience

Candidates applying are often puzzled that either Academics should be written first or Experience should be before academics. The easiest solution to this is to think from the mindset of an employer. If you are fresher so the employer will be more interested in your academic institute, percentages and certification enrolled. On the other hand, if you are working professionally and switching jobs then the recruiter will be more concerned about the place of work, position, performance, etc.

3- Projects/Internships

An important section where you can entice the recruiter about your current engagements to show your capabilities and interests towards the position applied for.


This section contains your technical expertise and interpersonal skills. Clearly mentioning them will be encouraging the employer to consider you as a reliable choice.

4- Awards/Certifications

It comprises the distinctions and certifications in any means that can embrace your competencies for a particular role. It can be participation in any activity, any contribution, or maybe an initiative that can highlight your qualities as a human.

5- Requisite for Resume

  • Keywords: Increased chances of attention and more visibility to employer/
  • Font: Professional font type and size makes a clear vision to an employer like Arial, Times New Roman & Calibri. Do print out a draft to check if is it worth it.
  • Bullet Points: Avoid using a paragraph that will be hard to extract the required information for the recruiter.

6- Avoids For Resume

  • Don’t use fancy or colored paper as it seems very unprofessional and childish.
  • Don’t use jargon and slang language.
  • Don’t use irrelevant and negative information.
  • Don’t copy from other sources as it is personal to you so make it as customized as possible with yourself only.
  • Don’t fold the paper of the resume as it makes a bad impression.

7- Proofread The Whole Document

  • Print out a resume so that errors can be visible.
  • Be careful in using a homonym.
  • Check punctuations.
  • Recheck numbers, dates, marks, etc.
  • Read the complete resume in reverse command in order to identify the errors that will not be highlighted if you read it in a sequence created.

Hence, this is a complete guide that helps you to write a killer resume by following these easy steps. Always, remember, a good resume is just the initial step. Even huge content, like; a number of degrees, courses, publications, and experience doesn’t guarantee you a job because sometimes the way you write your resume counts. You need to be perfect at interviews too to get the job. But these are the basic keys to getting the job, and this way, you need to be fully aware of writing a killer resume that definitely gets you hired.

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