By Anisa Rafaqat

Who is not aware of social media nowadays? But before that there was a time, people had only entertainment on TV or radio at home and maybe newspapers, on daily basis. And after that the books of someone’s interest, but within a few years, the internet entered our lives, and then everything changed. Here I will talk about the positive and negative impacts of social media.

Impacts of Social Media on Our Lives

1- There are countless forums to entertain and collect information on any topic. Everything is just one click away.

2- Social media services are helping people develop their interests and find people whose interests are alike. They can share their ideas and can get others’ ideas on any subject.

3- Social media gives us a chance to be connected with our friends and family members living far away.

4- Students have more communication channels, information is available any time whenever needed, it helps them learn new things which enhance their soft skills, which helps in their career.

There are also many negative impacts of social media:

1- It has been proven by scientific studies that it causes depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

2- It is decreasing interaction between family members.

There are solutions to overcome the bad impact or negativity of uses of social media:

1- Figure out which sites or pages are useless but taking precious time, just remove them immediately.

2- Don’t use a mobile or a device right before sleeping because it affects one’s brain and makes it difficult in a peaceful sleep.

3- Keep the devices away when family and friends are around. Don’t use social media during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4- Try to be offline at least for a few hours in the day and spend time with others.

5- Turn off notifications on mobile devices, so no need to check every minute.

6- Use apps to help limit time on social media.

Hence, there are many positive and negative impacts of using social media, but here we have discussed some of them and also provided a few ways to overcome the negative impacts of using social media.

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