By Sumera Furqan 

Storytelling is a very important and one of the oldest forms of teaching methodologies. For Storytelling, you don’t need to be literate.  Anyone can tell stories, it helps in developing your child’s brain and imagination. Storytelling also helps in strengthening relationships. It develops language and emotions too. Considering this, here we are going to enlighten you about the importance of storytelling in child development.

Importance of Storytelling in Child Development

How to tell Stories to Kids 

Sometimes you can read from storybooks and sometimes you can look at pictures and tell your own story, and you can tell a story about your culture. It can also build your child’s relationship with your culture.

Benefits of Storytelling for Kids 

* Raises the enthusiasm to read books or texts.
* Increases their Interest to find new stories.
* Improves their listening skills
* Gives them motivating reasons to learn languages.

Also in schools storytelling can be used to quickly raise standards to develop skills, knowledge, and confidence.

At home, people communicate with a limited number of words. But in schools, it can be in advanced level and academic level vocabulary, and most importantly stories can have a lot of new words. will have an academic-level vocabulary and a lot of newer words. Then in school, it’s easy to teach the meanings of the new words because kids already learning from the context of the story.

Build Their Interest 

You can ask them to narrate a possible climax of the story or make a new story with the same characters. This way their mind also works and they gain an interest in storytelling.

Those Parents who tell their children stories share a more strong bond with their children emotionally. It teaches the children to be creative, and thoughtful and makes their actions and thoughts energetic.

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