By Suhaima Altaf


Every human being has a unique personality, but the two most common categories are known as ‘Introverts‘ and ‘Extroverts‘. If you are an Extrovert, then, well and good but being an Introvert, life isn’t easy at all. You are shy, reserved, quiet, anxious, you like being alone, you don’t like socializing, and when you do you feel tired, etc.

I am an Introvert and there is no denying that. Throughout the eighteen years of my life, I have been through comments like ‘Tum Kuch bolti q Nahi ho?’ (why don’t you speak?), and ‘goongi ho kya?‘ (Are you dumb). I lacked confidence and I couldn’t make many friends even if I tried because of the lack of conversation. Throughout my school life, I felt that being an introvert was a bad thing, and it hindered my want of attending classes. While other students were excited to get a free period, I used to get conscious of what I would do for half an hour because I didn’t have friends. Sometimes, because of my lack of confidence, I was looked down upon and degraded by a multitude of people, even if they didn’t realize it.

But slowly and gradually, when I started accepting myself the way I really am and stopped trying to be the ‘Fake extrovert’, I came to realize that being an Introvert has its own good qualities and benefits as well, some of which are as follows:

Benefits of being an Introvert

1. They are Good Listeners: Many people out there would listen to you but Introverts don’t just listen to you from one ear and out the other, they would put their entire focus on the person and listen keenly.

2. They are Trustworthy: Introverts understand the importance of keeping to themselves, which is why you can trust Introverts. This is a plus point when it comes to secrets as well because they just don’t talk to many people, so there is no chance they would spill the beans.

3. They Think before Speaking: As Introverts feel less comfortable speaking, they always tend to think and choose their words wisely before speaking.

4. They are Observant: Although it looks like an Introvert sits quietly in a meeting, they can point out the smallest information which most people miss out on.

5. They make Quality Friends: Introverts choose their friends wisely. They allow time to really connect with people. They would rather have a few close, trusted friendships to invest their time and energy in, as opposed to a large network of acquaintances. This quality causes introverts to be loyal, attentive and committed friends.

So, What ‘Introverts‘ really need is an empathetic world, and what we all, as human beings, need to understand is that Introverts are born introverted, and extroverts are born extroverted. “It is not an acquired quality“, and is really, really hard to change or even alter for some time.

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