By Zubia Ashraf 


Being a night owl is so common among teenagers these days. Using the internet the whole night and sleeping after dawn is nothing new to them, especially in this lockdown where they don’t have to worry about waking up early and getting ready for school or university. Parents are trying their level best to get their kids on the right path but is it easy dealing with the sharp-minded generation we have today? No warnings, no taking off the internet cable, and nothing works on them, instead, they learned how to wait for their parents to sleep or how to act like sleeping at the specific time when their parents woke up. It’s better to let your kids know why it’s crucial for a person’s health to wake up early. Don’t worry, like always we have got your back. Just make sure your kids read this whole article and hopefully they will be working on making their morning productive.

So, hey kiddo, do you know how magical the early hours are? Oh, how would you when it has been ages since you last experienced it? You spend your whole day listening to all those success stories on the internet, but have you ever thought why these successful people give morning so much importance? You will get to know by the end of this article. Let me quote one famous saying by Benjamin Franklin:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

With that being said let’s get started!

Make Morning Productive-Ultimate Guide for Lazy People

1-Know why waking up early is important

Rising early has a lot of perks such as:

  • More energy.
  • Mental fitness.
  • Good sleep quality.
  • Healthy immune system.
  • Enhanced problem-solving and learning abilities.
  • Balanced blood pressure, breathing, and heartbeat.

Furthermore, morning birds have plenty of time for everything like, working out, getting organized, or enjoying family time.

2-How being a night owl destroys your body?

Night’s sleep is vitally important for your body, as many biological processes take place while you’re sleeping. Cells get repaired, energy gets restored and nerve cells get reorganized. Your body releases hormones and proteins. A lot of things happen during the night’s sleep, and that’s why getting a full night’s sleep is important. Over and above that, sleeping late at night automatically accelerates sleep deprivation which gradually leads to:

  • Diabetes
  • Ages skin
  • Depression
  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Vitiates attention, alertness, concentration, effective learning, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities

3-Prepare Yourself Beforehand

You don’t have to push yourself to make a drastic change. Cut off chips of time as per your liking. If you ask me, I would recommend you to wake up half an hour earlier as cutting off 10-15 mins is almost negligible. Remember to be lenient with yourself.

It is better to place your alarm clock as far away from arm’s reach. It would be great if you would have to get off your bed to reach it, as it reduces the chances of you hitting snooze and going back to sleep without moving much. Adjust the light & temperature for better sleep.

4-Make Morning Productive

Don’t let yourself stumble back to the bed after dismissing the alarm, at any cost. The best way to avoid this is a trip to the toilet. After you have washed your face and brushed your teeth you must be awake enough to start the day. Get yourself hydrated and move around the house, check up on your family, and show gratitude towards Allah, you and your family members are alive and healthy. Alhamdulillah!

Don’t start working immediately, spend some time alone with nature, and enjoy the peace before everyone wakes up. Productive things to do in the morning include:

  • Get yourself a cup of coffee.
  • A rich and healthy breakfast.
  • Read something inspirational to empower yourself to face the day.
  • Mentally revise what your goal is and what steps you should take to achieve it.

5-Tea or Caffeine?

You can’t be cheerful the moment your head pops out of your covers, this isn’t a movie, is it? That is why we have tea and coffee. What if I tell you there is a right way to use caffeine? You can drink your favorite coffee without fearing the harm it could bring to you but only if you keep these notes under consideration:

  • Drink water before coffee
  • Don’t drink coffee regularly
  • Get your next cup after a long period
  • Eat something before coffee. Who knows, you might not even need it anymore

6-Healthy Breakfast & Exercise

First and foremost, you need to get something inside your stomach before start working. This stands first on the list of things to do in the morning to be more productive. Pamper yourself with a glass of orange juice or your favorite smoothie siding with scrambled eggs and toast or pancakes, anything according to your taste, royalty!

Exercise, meditation, and yoga are mandatory to mention in this guide to make your morning productive. It helps you acquire energy and feel fresh.

7-Prepare a Schedule

You just need to find a purpose to make your day productive. Finding a purpose does not mean you have to be somewhere at a specific time. It means you must do things on time. Set a time for everything you have to do. If you have a goal to achieve, you need to set a couple of small goals so that you can keep track of where you have reached and in how much time. A small tip–break it down into weekly tasks and check your progress every Sunday.

8-Use Technology

Use the internet for good. Try using apps that help you set goals or stick by your schedule. Some of them are listed below:

1- Goal Setting:

  • Way of Life

IOS. Android.

  1. Me

IOS. Android.

  1. ATracker

IOS. Android.

2- Time Management:

  1. Rescue Time:

IOS. Android.

  1. Remember the Milk:

IOS. Android.

  1. Focus Keeper:

IOS. Android.

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