By Syed Junaid Abbas 

The most efficient and compatible device given to us by the blessings of technology is known as the “Smartphone”. A device that has changed the way of thinking, as well as the living style of millions of lives, should be named the clever and smartest device ever.  Despite winning so many awards and praises still, often listen to this common question “How to make your android battery last longer”.

This article discusses 5 important tips that will really help to extend the battery life of the smartphone. Although there are few manufacturers who are providing the best phone models with huge mAh capacity, we still have to understand why our phones drain so fast.

How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer By Adopting Simple Tips 2021

1- Keep The Power Saver Mode Alive

Well, I personally have to travel a lot and I can feel how irritating it is when you depart from home by charging your phone 100% but staying in a pocket/car phone consumes more than half battery power in the whole day.  The best option to save the health and duration of the battery is to put your phone in power-saving mode. What this mode does is activate only essential apps, control the background, adjust brightness, and in this mode, the app that is not being used will sleep. This makes your battery drain slowly and the phone battery has more juice when you need it for your own usage.

Most android devices are also equipped with ”Ultra Power Saving Mode” that can give you up to 4 days of standby battery time at 100% charged. So the trick is, always to activate the power-saving mode or ultra-power-saving mode and disable this mode only when you need to perform a specific task. After the task is done

2- “Black Is Best” With Adaptive Option

How to make your android battery last longer? If you have the same question then you should love black instead of white. I swear if you use your phone at the night then you must turn on the dark mode or night mode. Android 10 and higher have an option in the display or drop-down menu but other users can easily find the best working app from the Google play store. Just try to search for dark mode apps or night mode apps. This mode gives immense strength to your battery in the nighttime. According to research most part of the battery is consumed by the LED or display function in the whole mobile life.

We should not ignore the auto-brightness/ adaptive brightness mode here because this is the option that needs to be turned on to save your phone battery. Even in the daytime when you use your phone directly in sunlight it adjusts and brightens the display that means at the night it auto-adjusts the level of the dim display. So take good care of your eyes and use these options to make fun and long-lasting with your phone.

3- Charge Your Android Device Carefully

As phones are enabled with batteries of high mAh capacity the users still claim they still are not satisfied with the batteries of their phones. Most of the time battery issue occurs because of the user’s style of handling an android device. “Charging” can be considered the important daily routine of every android user, which is why users have been observed questioning “How to make your android battery last longer?” To make your phone battery last long you need to change a few habits listed below.

  • Charge your android device with the best charger (normally comes within the device box) that suits your device.

  • Enable the fast charging option only when you need plenty of charging in a short time. Otherwise, give your battery time to enjoy plugged in with a normal charging option.

  •   The best option is to charge your device while turned off and let it fill 100% before turning it on.

  • Never leave your phone on charging while sleeping and unplug it as soon as it completes at 100%.

  •  Few people get so much panic when the battery drops below 50% and they start charging the device again. So the trick is to recharge your device when it says the battery is really critical.

4- Kill Cellular Data & Wifi After Using

One thing to remember here is that a cellular network or data connection consumes more battery than wifi. Always prefer to use wifi but when it is really necessary to use a data connection then turn off the data connection after use. Your cell phone’s constant connection with the nearest cellular signal tower makes your phone drain your battery. This also implies with wifi, when the use of wifi is done, always turn it off because a device with wifi turned on keeps searching for new wifi connections and it makes pretty much loads on the battery.

5- Choose Wisely Live Well (Widgets & Live Wallpapers)

The LED background display on your device screen is also the biggest reason for not having proper battery time. If you know the live/moving wallpapers cut your battery so fast and mercilessly, you will never use them and you will never ask How to make your android battery last longer.  On the other side, the application of lightweight themes and static backgrounds (with fewer colors) also strengthens your battery life.

These are the few tested tips that will help your android battery live long, stay strong and perform efficiently. Comment on the part of this article that was new for you and share your experience after using these tips suggested in this article.

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