By Maria Farrukh 


Overthinking kills our current moments of life, whether we are dwelling on our mistakes or regretting what has been done, or fretting about how tomorrow is going on.

Overthinking is a pesky habit that is dangerous for the well-being of our mental health and it kills our happiness and makes us deprived of happy enjoyable moments of our life.

All memories thoughts and emotions are intertwined in a web of connections, these connections upsurge our thinking capacity to think and make us susceptible to overthinking.

Misbehavior of others makes us overthink, again and again, expectations that we make with others, overprotectiveness obsessions of relationships make us increasingly overthinking.

Therapists say that these types of patients may unable to relax their minds about how their life could have been better if they had done things differently. Overthinking makes their mind exhausted and they may unable to knock themselves from this loop but to no avail.

While overthinking a person may indulge in other confusions which consume their energy, not only it kills our happiness it causes low creativity and productivity not mentally but also physically, a person feels down and doesn’t want to listen to anyone’s advice in this mental situation.

A study from the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease tells that women overthink more than men because their blood flow activity is more towards the brain than men, this increases the chances of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and eating disorders.

About 75% of adults aged between   25 to 35 are most likely to be overthinkers and this overthinking kills their happiness. If we ever face a situation in which we think about what others said to us or an event that happened to us or how others respond to our social media posts then we are a classic over-thinker. This process of overthinking develops acrimony feelings and we start to castigate persons around us with our aggression and anger.

Interestingly research showed that over-thinkers believe that by cycling their thoughts they are giving favors to them and that they are well prepared for the upcoming time consequently this overthinking is a dangerous game for their well-being of mental health.

Technically our brain misread what is reality and what are thoughts when overthinking triggers our body to register those thoughts as a reality which brings negative thoughts into our mind.

At first, we feel that by overthinking we are having soothing effects because our anxiety level drops but by overthinking again and again our anxiety level increases which destroys our happiness.

By overthinking our graph of happiness starts falling down and our negative thoughts dominate us which causes our energy level to slow down.

Overthinking is not a permanent disorder it may break down by adopting some positive habits.

Over-thinker should practice mindfulness that is de-clutter a mind from all thoughts and start focusing on the present moments.

Identify all bad habits that rob your happiness like not accepting other people’s success try to eliminate these bad habits of jealousy because of this basic of all bad habits.

Make a habit of gratitude and this practice makes us closer to ALLAH as all HIS blessings which HE gave us in our lives are boundless. These are all blessings that our creator bestowed on us if we make it our practice we may easily get rid of our disorder of overthinking which kills our happiness and shortens our life.

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