By Sarwat Faruqui 

When vacations are around the corner, it gets exhilarating just thinking about what all needs to be done. Things can go from fun to chaotic, if not managed properly. Especially when it comes to packing for a trip, that includes children as well. As you read along you will learn how to pack smarter to avoid any last-minute panic that might put a damper just as your trip is about to begin. It doesn’t matter whether you are the kind of person that packs weeks ahead of departure or just the night before, these packing tips will definitely come in handy.

Packing Tips To Make Travel Easier

1- Choose Travel-friendly Clothes

By the time you have started to pack it will be very clear what you will be venturing into, whether it’s a seaside vacation, a camping trip, or a destination wedding, so pack according to your trip. Nothing is more annoying than stuffing your suitcases out of excitement and later finding out you haven’t worn half of the stuff or vice versa i.e. you have under-packed.

2- Lay Everything Out in Front

Don’t try to wing it, throwing everything onto your bags just because you think you might use it. To avoid that happening lay out everything in front from hats to shoes. The only things that make their way to your suitcase, if and only if they will be used.

3- Have Your own Suitcase Space

Yes, you read right. DON’T distribute everyone’s belongings in all the suitcases. Every member should either have their own piece of luggage or their own space.  You will get all panicked if you have to riffle through all your suitcases just to get one member of your family ready.

4- Know Your Travel Destination

Before you begin to pack take some time to browse and find out, where you are headed and what all will be easily available there, like diapers, formula, and kid-friendly snacks. Just so you don’t need to pack the required quantities for the entire trip only enough to get you through your flight and first day.

5- Keep a Small Medical Kit

Cuts and scrapes are natural when you travel with kids. Pack a small medical kit with a band-aid, and swab something to help you with a slight temperature. Some countries usually don’t hand medicines over the counter without a prescription. It’s better to be prepared

6- Invest in Organizers & Travel Kits

Plenty of stores stock makeup organizers, and mini travel kits for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion; buy them. Don’t take the full-sized bottles, all toiletries should be placed neatly in pouches for easy access and they take up less space as well.

7- Light Carryon Bag

Your shoulder bag should be light and store absolute essentials. It is not to be used for packing if-there-isn’t-space-in-my-luggage bag. It should have an extra set of clothes for when you land, your gadgets, and anything you might need during your travel.

8- Mark Your Luggage

Finally, mark your luggage prominently. Don’t think that you will have any difficulty recognizing your luggage, why take the risk? Wrap a colored piece of cloth on the handle of each suitcase.

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