By Sarwat Faruqui 

The term Wonder woman doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be wearing a jumpsuit with a red cape trailing behind you. In reality, it means the woman who has gotten the most out of life. Women who can excel at home and the workplace, such women do exist. These women are not born with silver spoons in their mouths, nor are they handed everything down on a golden platter. These women are self-made; they strive to achieve greatness and success. A strong and successful woman exhibits certain personality traits that are admirable qualities.

Qualities of a Successful Woman

  • They are ambitious.
  • These women pursue what they are good at and what they are passionate about.
  • They are optimistic, looking at the glass as always half full.
  • Organization skills are impeccable.
  • A thirst to learn and improve themselves.
  • These women have someone supporting them, maybe a spouse, parents, or siblings; it’s difficult to move forward without constant motivation and moral support.
  • She embraces herself and everyone around her with her flaws, expecting perfection will lead to total misery.
  • They never give up knowing that success and failure are a part of life.
  • If she finds herself in deep waters she knows how to adapt to the situation instantly and swim out of it.
  • If all hell breaks loose she knows how to keep calm.
  • Being bossy will never get her anywhere, communication is the key to every relationship, voicing out what needs to be done, and is open to any kind of criticism and advice that might increase efficiency in any way.
  • She is always grateful for what she has and who all have helped her along the way.
  • Nothing can pull them back, they work hard.
  • Their goals are set and moved toward them wisely.
  • They have a broad vision.

Last but not the least, nothing can ever be achieved until you believe in yourself and that is the most important quality. Being able to believe in yourself and be confident no matter what obstacles come your way, will be handled and dealt with.

By Sarwat Faruqui 

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