By Mehrunisa Qureshi

We all know how this whole pandemic has created huge chaos globally. Even though necessary measures are being taken by the authorities, the tables turn towards the citizens and all of us are expected to be responsible and be quarantined as long as it is required. Quarantine is a blessing or a curse, but people are still unable to understand it.

What makes staying at home difficult is the fact that you’re just supposed to be home and nowhere else because it’s Quarantine and it is needed to be taken and implemented seriously.

Due to this exact reason, this quarantine has had a huge toll on people and you can see them wanting it to end as soon as possible. It is being considered a curse by the Almighty, but little do we know, this is indeed a blessing for the believers if they know how to utilize their time properly. The Hadeeth below clearly indicates it:

(the wife of the Prophet) that she asked Allah’s Apostle about the plague and Allah’s Apostle informed her saying, Plague was a punishment which Allah used to send on whom He wished, but Allah made it a blessing for the believers. None (among the believers) remains patient in a land in which plague has broken out and considers that nothing will befall him except what Allah has ordained for him, but that Allah will grant him a reward similar to that of a martyr. (SAHIH BUKHARI HADITH NO. 5734)

As much as the closing of mosques, the Azhaan being different than before, the jobs being under a continuous threat, and Ramadhan coming up have tensed and frustrated us all, this time can still be utilized in a better and more productive way. To make this frustrating time or the curse (you call it), a blessing, let’s put efforts into the following 5 things and watch your life change for good.

1- Start Reading Quran With Tafseer

We all know the Quran is the ultimate guidance from our Lord but do we seek that guidance is the real question. The daily chores in our lives, the excess amounts of assignments from our institutions and workplaces, and our random outings have made us all so busy that most of us have forgotten the real purpose of life. This “stuck at home” time is the best to start doing what we are supposed to do. Utilize this time to read the Tafseer of the Quran and try to understand and implement it in your lives. It does not only provide guidance but soothes you in a way you can’t imagine.

2- Start Praying Tahajjud

They say, “If you want something and you don’t Tahajjud it, then you don’t want it.” Tahajjud time is the most beautiful because you’re talking to your Lord when the whole world is sleeping. While you’re quarantined, try to reschedule your day and include Tahajjud as an essential act and I can assure you that you’ll find that time the best to connect with your Lord.

3- Start Memorizing the 99 Names Of Allah

The number 99 may seem a big one, but trust me it’s not difficult to memorize His beautiful name. The best thing about memorizing His name is that you can call Him by different names when you pray. Also, it is indicated in Hadeeth number 2736 of Sahih Al- Bukhari that:

Abu Huraira narrated: The Prophet PBUH said, “Allah has 99 names. Whoever memorizes them will enter paradise.

You can start memorizing 10 names a day and it will only take 9 days to memorize them all together.

4- Perfect Your Prayers

Remember all those times when you rushed your prayers just because you were running out of time for your daily chores, work, assignments, etc? Now, this is the time given to you to pray properly, and that too, on time! Start perfecting your prayers because there is nothing more important than that.

5- Count Your Blessings

As much as this whole scenario has made everyone frustrated and irritated, this isolation and quarantine can be the source of being grateful for so many things we have been taking for granted.  Like, being blessed enough to be able to go out whenever needed, to be able to go to work, to be able to meet one’s friends and relatives, etc. The biggest blessing is to have a roof over your head, food on your table, and a family to live with and spend this time with.

In conclusion, we are all in this together. The time is difficult, indeed, but can be utilized to make it better and beneficial. We may not be able to go out like we used to, but there are still so many things to look at and be grateful for. Look at the positive aspects, even when the whole world forces you to don’t look at one. Cause, in the end, we will never be able to pass this time if we aren’t optimistic about the present and the future. This too shall pass!

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  1. Amazingly written, each word and method to utilize time go straight to heart. Thank youu so much for writing such an inspirational articles ❤

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