By Affaf Sheikh

Here I’m sharing the best pages of my Quarantine Diaries.

Quarantine—- being an introvert it’s a daily chore in my life. No social gatherings, keep distance (what people called “Reserved”), and love being alone. But, like there is always a grey zone in every person’s life (not all good not all bad), the same as we are neither completely extroverted nor introverted but the dominance of one trait makes us unique. I can’t visualize the life of an extrovert….. (Poor souls). Thus, my quarantine is what I am thinking is three levels of my life. First, before that massive outbreak of COVID-19 in February 2020 when one case was reported in AKUH. As I am working in NIBD Hospital as a Clinical Research Associate. A 9 to 5 hectic job along with it start of MBA Health Management Classes (Nostalgic while remembering those lucky days, My University… My Classes. I remember that around March 2020 I update the status “I want to hibernate” and I don’t know about the result of my prayers but, at that moment Allah Almighty definitely smile at my childish prayers and HE says “BE” and not only l stopped but entire biosphere would live a life at the speed of 20-40 of a car (when I used to drive a car … another adventurous story).

I consider only the first 40 days of any phase in life critical as in the Quran, Allah emphasizes on many occasions about 40 days’ consequence. From the genesis, as women enter in conception period Allah Almighty gives the soul, decides the fate and etc., and after birth 40 days are also important in a women’s lifespan. So, my forty days story is a bit interesting and crazy. I have believed that every problem comes with a solution but, as social beings, we don’t know at what time The Creator revealed it.
In Quran Allah rightly says;
فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
“Then, surely with hardship comes ease:”
“Surely, with hardship comes ease,”

So, I take it as an improvement period or I can say my detoxification time.

The first and most challenging mission that I take seriously is communication. I dislike telephone talks… I called it gossip but, this growing social distancing sparkles the communication skills of individuals like me. But, astonishingly I am doing that task either I love it or hate it, those online classes augment that hidden talent. Your voice becomes your weapon to conquer the world in the current situation. I being impolite on calls previously my talk time is the same as that of 2 mins noodles. Online classes for 3+ hours and with friends (like knocking there door to discuss the topic please)… almost 45mins Alas!! I am sure the next professionals that could get earnings would be ENT Specialists. Besides, I refine my writing skills. In March 2020, I almost write 9 plus poems and participate in different competitions and it’s still working. Writing to me is like I meet myself. What I can’t say I inscribe. In poetry I know I am blunt but it’s me (it’s my style). I read books, novels, and monthly digests (I feel like an Alice lost in Wonderland of my books). I am a visionary and I am blissful with it. Books are a loyal friend… What I have read so far are “Three daughters of Eve, Men are from Mars & Women from Venus… Haalim” (want to review the books I read).

The last but most important charge is “work of home” that enjoys changing the setting of the room (little tiring to push furniture too), spending time with my mini money plants… Colors and my diary, quarantine diaries, completing my second poetry eBook and hoping for the best, and thinking about the post-corona phase when people take it as a part of their life and do everyday jobs with safety measures. I have believed that;

“ There is always a ray of light after every darkness.”
Quarantine is still on but I want to say that;
“Your Thoughts Govern Your Day;
So, I believe in neither being Optimistic nor Pessimist;
You should always be in the Grey Zone;
Not the one who is thankful to Allah Almighty for HIS Blessings?
But, also grateful for the Failures, Calamities, and Obstacles in Life toward the Path of Success.”

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