By Zainab Malik

These days it is really hard to save money as the prices are increasing each day as the dollar gets higher each day. These days many people lost their jobs or so many businesses got closed and it is really hard to reopen after such a big time, many people’s work will take at least a few months to reopen again. The majority of people are facing a lot of problems right now and they are really stressed about their future. Considering this issue, here we are going to present some useful tips on how to save money so, you can keep them for a rainy day.

Some Useful Tips On How To Save Money

1- Save Loose Change

Almost every day we buy things and sometimes we get a lot of change but most of us keep them in our pockets and end up forgetting or losing them. Well, you should not do that and save money. Just make a box and keep all the loose change there.  Think about how much you will save every month or year if you save 30 Rs or even 10 Rs or even if you save 1 Rs in the end you will end up saving quite a lot of money.

2- The 24- Hour Rule

This rule is perfect if you want to save money but you love to shop. The 24 – hour rule is not as complicated as you think it is. Every time we go to the mall or the supermarket we end up buying a thing or two that we totally don’t need and in the end, we think why did we buy this? So here is an easy tip for you. Each time you see a thing you really want to buy just take 24 hours and think do you really need this? Ask yourself these questions and in the end, you will know that you do not need to buy that thing, it is just a waste of money.

3- Turn Your Bad Habits Into Savings

You must have guessed it already. All you have to do for this rule is to pay a fine for your bad habits, for example; you always get to your office late because you stayed up all night so then you will have to pay a fine for example 10 Rs or 20 Rs depending on your habit. Each time you have done a bad habit you will keep some money apart and put that in a box separately, in the end, you will forget about your bad habits and you will save a lot of money.

4- Make a List

You might not think this will work but this will. Each time you go to a supermarket you. Usually, get things you might not need. So, you should make a list and you should stick to eating. When you make a list this will happen that you will not buy anything once you know what to buy.

5- Have a no-spend Week

This is one of the hardest tips but this is really effective.  It is for those people who love to shop. Every once a month you should have a no-spend week, and in that week you will only buy things that are necessary and nothing extra this will be hard but look at the bright side you will save money that you would have spent.

6- Use Cash

This is best if you use your credit card a lot you should keep your card at your home. When you go out for a walk you should only keep a maximum of 100 Rs for an emergency and when you to the supermarket just make a budget and then spend within that budget.

Hence, there are some useful tips that you can try to save money on during this ongoing health crisis. Once you learn to save your money by following these useful tips, you can put something aside for a future time of need. This way, you will never be disappointed in your hard times.

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