By Syed Junaid Abbas

One of my friends named Noman started his journey in the online earning world back in 2003. It was the start of our bachelor session when he introduced me to a website to join and watch ads to earn money, I started and soon felt fed up with the tedious routine. But noman learned and made a few bucks. Then after a few months, he again explained an opportunity for online earnings, and this time it was a program based on ad revenue sharing, but I didn’t show any interest because it required a $100 investment. Time kept passing and Noman kept joining and learning new things. He has been learning about MLMs, pyramid schemes, network marketing, and forex trading back in 2015.

We called him crazy, and we made fun of him many times. But he did not change his habit. When he was busy learning new ways of online earnings we were busy watching movies, dramas, and funny stuff. When he was so keen to learn and try by watching tutorials we were just scrolling Facebook, liking Instagram stories, and other time pass stuff.

I still remember in 2016 when he started using Odesk he was not able to pass the English proficiency test and asked for help from many fellows. And he got his first task after applying to more than 40 jobs. It was a data scraping job ($0.1 per hour).

Today, Noman is running his Forex Management Company and has plenty of boys and new students working for him on his different projects. On the other hand, I and my friends (time past addicts) are doing jobs for people like Noman. Now we often try to clone the habits of Noman but our family responsibilities and work burden does not allow us to do so. This is for the newbies or students who are not learning any skill right now, and they should start their journey in online earnings right away. We made a fatal mistake waiting for a luxury bus and waited at the stop by doing nothing. On the other side, Noman never thought about a comfortable bus and kept traveling. This all brings me to end this article with the saying “Earning and Learning, to Earn a lot of money we have to learn”. When there is enough Learning the letter L fades away (Learning„ÄčLearning) and the rest remains Earning”.

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