By Kulsoom Fatima 


Intolerance becomes lethal for our society, and because of this bigotry, we are facing many malapropos situations on a daily basis.  In our society, people haven’t enough patience that they could bear others’ perspectives which creates intolerance among the masses of society. Do you ever think about the reason why intolerance is on the rise in our society?

We are living in a society where blood is cheaper than money. We can take someone’s life but can’t pull ourselves together to handle the situation where people take action before thinking and looking into the matter. We are running in the race of furtherance of progress and in this race, we don’t want to be left behind. We can go to any extent in order to stand first in the race of name and fame.

We are pulling one another leg and letting down each other in this competition of materialism. To become highfaluting in wealth is as important as oxygen for life. People are moving forward so swiftly that they don’t care about the one who is after them.

The worst thing comes when we realize that these things aren’t enough and we aren’t satisfied with what we have. To be superior is our first priority, we can’t see others going ahead of us. Here it is imperative to know that when we failed to meet our wishes beyond our needs it evokes a storm of avariciousness in us. We get jealous of each other and this enviousness leads us to a state of angriness. Then in this state of voraciousness, we don’t even avoid abolishing someone’s life.

There are too many cases that we ascertain daily through social media, print media, and electronic media that intolerance reaches its peak, and people in the mood of antagonism don’t avoid killing others.

Broadcast of heartbreaking news has become the order of the day. The news that we come across mostly on our media is of a sort that a father hanged his son because he was protesting against his father who wasn’t taking him to school, and a stepmother in feverishness cut her three years old daughters’ necks. Alas! A four year’s old little princess who is just blossomed raped and killed. These are such melancholy news that a tender heart can’t bear them.

These are the people who aren’t not born criminals but they have a story behind their criminal activities, they are frustrated internally and they can’t have any way to channel their frustration eventually they take out their botheration upon whom they take under their custody.

Sometimes peoples fight an inner battle and it makes them silent. We should try to communicate with each other, especially with people who don’t find anyone to talk to. We should be very expressive in our words so that we can easily convey our message and another one should have a soft corner in their heart that if they don’t like our opinion they could at least give respect to our point of view.

In order to get rid of such happenings, we need to realize that everyone has predestined and what ALLAH has written for us,  IS THE BEST.

Everyone’s life is a test and we are responsible for our doings. We should be contented with what we are blessed with, this is the best way of reducing dramatically increasing crime rates in our society and making this world a peaceful place to live with tolerance.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of all citizens of society, particularly religious scholars, and researchers, to help lessen narrow-mindedness, uneasiness, and disappointment in the public arena and instruct individuals to recognize and acknowledge each other’s entitlement to have an individual perspective. So, let’s take an itty-bitty step to avoid intolerance in our society and constitute a crime-free society.  These practices can be helpful to reduce the rise of intolerance in our society.

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