By Sadia Aziz Zehri


Social media has been entirely an evolving element in the 21st century. It needs no explanation and is used by every single individual. It includes Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap Chat, YouTube and the list goes on. Considering this, here are the top 10 pros and cons of social media that everyone needs to know.

The Top 10 Pros Of Social Media

Here we are presenting the top 10 pros of social media.

1- Variety Of Information Within Seconds

Collecting a variety of information has been made easier than in previous times. Just within seconds, one can know everything about which they were unaware a few seconds, minutes, or hours ago.

2- Freelancing

The cause of freelancing one can interact with authorities easily via social media for freelancing. Also, people can find numerous paid opportunities on different social sites and Facebook groups as well.

3- Online Shopping

Shopping via social media is easy and time-effective. People can do shopping online from various online stores. Also, you can avail of online food service, so that you can easily get your favorite food at your doorstep.

4- Free Of Cost

Whenever and wherever one wants to use it and can use it easily anytime. You just need a proper internet connection which also doesn’t cost much.

5- Enhances Creativity

Supertalented people with creative minds can have lots to increase their knowledge by finding for variety of stuff presented on social media example YouTube.

6- Facility Of Online Courses

The facility of online courses has enhanced the talent of people and people are getting enriched with knowledge easily.

7- Updates About World

Wherever and whatever is happening all can be found via social media. Nobody remains unaware of the happenings of the world either living in any part of the world.

8-  E-Book Reading

What’s more, the best is E-books are available for reading, and wood cutting and paper making has decreased to a great extent. So, avid readers can enjoy reading a lot of books by using social media.

9- Tourism

One can move all around the world only within seconds just by typing the name of the Country, City, and Continent.

10- Advertisement

All businessmen can sell their products just by entitling them with attention to grasping words and quotations. There’s a large number of people who use social media, particularly for the purpose of growing and promoting their business by using marketing strategies.

The Top 10 Cons Of Social Media

Everything has always it’s a bright and dark side and the same is the case here too. Social media has many advantages but the truth is, it has also some adverse effects.

1- Health At Risk

The first-ever disadvantage that can be concluded is that health is at risk. A variety of health issues that have come under observation are Insomnia, Depression, and Weakness of eyesight.

– Insomnia:  Excessive usage of social media has misbalanced the sequence and timing of sleep that caused insomnia to many users.

– Depression: Regular posts of people that are complete in their lives and who have developed themselves to a great extent are a cause of depression for those who are still struggling for it. Lack of self-satisfaction has led people towards jealousy and depression.

– Weakness Of Eyesight: The harmful rays of mobile phones and computers or whatever electronic device they are using social media cause of the weakening of eyesight in a very short span of time because of the harmful rays.

2- Online World

The people of the 21st century have been introduced to an online world where they are
absolutely unaware of the real world which is far better than the world engaged in hand-size devices.

3- Indulgence In Immoral Activities

As communication has been made so easy via Social media and for that reason, it has been acting as a catalyst for immoral activities that are readily available for performing such activities. For example, getting indulged in haraam relationships. Planning for a widespread disaster all around through attacks via firing, bomb blasts etcetera.

4- Negative Comments

It has been made easy for people to comment on whatever they like or dislike but what happens is that many renowned personalities became sick and came into a competition because of negative comments from their viewers.

5- Life’s At Risk

Those endangered people who like to share everything on social media are informing their
enemies about their location.

6- Wastage Of Time

Time is money. But social media has proved to be a great waste of it. People are so busy doing nothing.

7- Distortion Of Perceptions

People learn from social media. A lack of critical thinking upon a matter has led us towards those perceptions regarding a matter that is not the way it seems.

8- Pseudo Glamour

Pseudo-glamour shown on social media by people is one of the biggest problems of all other problems that have made life more difficult than before.

9- Lack Of Socialization

People have one lac followers on Tik Tok, Facebook etcetera but not a single one in real. Likewise, people are disconnecting from their loved ones in life.

10- Lack Of Surety

The knowledge provided on social media lacks surety and truthfulness and that’s the reason one can’t rely upon it and those who rely on upon without confirmation of any information are misled.

Hence, these are the top 10 pros and cons of social media that everyone needs to know.

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  1. It is really impressive to see the pros and cons of social media in a brief and summarized way. The points are perfectly highlighted and talked about in a perfect manner.

  2. That was Epic , Very PROUD of U Girl ,Ur writting skills are more than just wonderful , this article gave me huge insight over this topic ,waiting for more ,keep it up love.

  3. The advantages and disadvantages have been expressed in a very summarised way. Moreover, all these these points have proven to be correct and are quite relatable especially in today’s generation of social media and technology.

  4. Golden Words.. Writers Like this Should be promoted Further To Express Their ideas & Their Experience About the Present situation of the World In Such Golden Words As A Information & Spread awareness All Over the People to be Aware From The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Such Kind Of materials..👍

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