By Fatima Habiba


The world of colors has always fascinated me. Not only colors visually appealing but they also have a huge influence on our lives. Surely, we do not appreciate enough the aesthetic beauty of the world around us and the vital role of colors is more often than not taken for granted. However, this blog would be a good read to develop an understanding of color psychology.

How do we perceive the world of colors?

Our perception of colors depends upon the three Ps- Physics– The interaction of objects with light that makes things visible as otherwise, one can see nothing in darkness; Physiology– Our vision or the response of the eye and brain which has got me thinking about what a great blessing it is to be able to sense & perceive the world around us; Psychology– Individual interpretation of stimulus based on one’s memory and experience.

Why does each of us have a preference for a specific color?

Is the liking for a color gender-specified? Why do boys pick blue and girls pink? Though scientists cannot pinpoint the exact reason for our likes and dislike towards certain colors, it seems we just ‘find’ a definite color and ‘adapt’ or stick to it, and most probably, it takes time to ‘outgrow’ these penchants. I mean I was drawn towards greens and maroons just because I fancied them and subconsciously picked dresses of the same color every time. And now, that I have become more ‘sensible’ and trying to look beyond my prejudice, I consciously try ‘not’ to pick those colors and try something new for a change.

The Effect of the World of Colors

Color is an indispensable sensory cue that makes us opt for items of certain hues. Therefore, the use of colors is not only an art but also a science, termed ‘Chromatics’, that studies all aspects of color.  The world of colors has a crucial impact on human thoughts, behavior, and performance. Maybe that’s why we tend to pick food or drinks of a particular color and why children are at once attracted to colorful objects. Colors are instrumental in the choosing of team uniforms to even the paint on the walls. In fact, some of us are hell-bent on color-coordinating everything from office files to home cabinets.

Certain colors are supposed to be soothing and help relieve strain. Personally, I find coloring to be a great stress buster. Do try it next time you have a hectic workday. Just stop whatever you are busy doing, take a break, pick up some crayons or pencils, and color away to glory. You would experience a dramatic shift in your mood and energy levels. This is perhaps just an inkling of the healing touch one wishes to achieve through ‘Color Therapy’.

Interestingly enough, we even symbolize colors to denote certain emotions and even personality traits. Maybe we are being stereotypical here, yet somehow it does seem to hold true in most circumstances. No wonder the phrase ‘shown his true colors’. I will leave you with a list of characteristics depicted by the various shades from the world of colors. Expectantly, you can relate to if not most than some of them:

  • White- Innocence/ Purity/ Cold
  • Black- Mystery/ Elegance/ Evil
  • Red- Power/ Love/ Danger
  • Green- Harmony/ Abundance/ Envy/ Greed
  • Blue- Calm/ Responsible/ Sadness
  • Yellow- Energy/ Joy / Deception
  • Golden- Royalty/ Wealth
  • Silver- Modern/ Sleek
  • Purple- Creativity/ Magic/ Snobbery
  • Pink- Friendship/ Femininity/ Frivolous
  • Orange- Hope/ Optimism/ Superficial
  • Brown- Earthy/ Mature/ Dull
  • Grey- Dignity/ Wisdom/ Depression/ Anxiety

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