By Almas Zahid


It’s the 21st century, the era of exposure and research. But where are we heading towards? it seems like the biggest issue in our society is “dark complexion”. “No, no there’s much awareness about this, people are coming out of it, and there’s nothing like this.” Exactly, I also think the same. But unfortunately, nothing is changed. Shameful discrimination continues overages and goes on. All the intelligence and talent go in vain when the competitor is lighter skin toned (although we are also thinking in different pyramids, a dusky girl is somewhere a victim of low self-esteem). Yeah! We think in the perimeters to judge a person on his/her physical attributes.

A girl with a dark skin tone has to struggle a lot. (you may disagree) but it starts at home, where the difference between siblings’ skin color is discovered by neighboring aunties and relatives. Then there’s school, college, universities, and practical life. Even in marriages dark color is a stigma. Seriously there are rejections on dark skin color. And if a dark girl is about to marry her makeup artist gives her a whitewash for a bridal look.

Media also has played a crucial role in this field. TV advertisements have made it stronger. In the TV and film industry, the main lead is offered to the fair, skinned, and tall girl. (at least I haven’t seen a dark, chubby, or short girl for the main lead). Maybe a side or supportive character is performed by a whitish or dusky. Our media also shows that dark has a negative connotation, so not only girls but boys also suffer from this. Even on news channels, no dark person is sitting on camera to read the news bulletin.

Society’s view of beauty is lighter skin tone, there is low acceptance of dark skin tone. Fair skin complexion has become a degree of privilege.

With a single click, thousands of remedies and solutions pop up to deal with this issue. Is this so big a problem that we aren’t focusing on countless genuine issues of society, and heading blindly nowhere?

The Fairness cosmetic industry is quite influential on young girls. Now there are costly skin treatments like laser treatment, bleaching, and whitening creams available to light the skin. Which are quite harmful laser therapies that have severe skin problems like redness swelling (inflammation) or any other.  Hydroquinone and corticosteroids or mercury are the ingredients used in these whitening creams which further cause skin thinning, stinging or itching sensation, etc.

My question is why all these? Believe me there are major issues in society, we should head towards them to solve them, like education, jobs, domestic violence, divorce, rape, acid throwing, and whatnot? It’s time to resonate with girls to tell them their importance worth and values.

Being beautiful or eye-catchy doesn’t mean that you have light skin color, but a good personality, fresh skin, a well-dressing sense, and a good way of dealing with make you simply great. And small positive compliments can increase the beauty of anyone, it boosts someone’s energy level on peaks. So, try to complement each other, because your minor critic can spoil someone’s whole day.

Stay beautiful!

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