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Why Nourishing Growing Kids is a Challenge?

To be a parent is such a major responsibility in life. It not only includes looking after kids but also is to give them a healthy and balanced diet in their daily life. As, children have to perform many tasks every day like playing, studying, creating, performing, constructing, etc. They also have to be cognitive. Many mindful targets they have to achieve every day. With all these, they have to spend a long period of time in schools where they see themselves in another battle. Their minds and bodies are completely engaged every minute of the day. For the completion of all these tasks, they need the energy to cope with them.

Their everyday meals are a big source of energy and delight but there is a dilemma! Are these young kids taking enough healthy diets which are helping them to meet their required tasks? There are also picky kids who are not happy with having big heavy meals, but they need good nutrition to grow well.

Here are some smart ways to make effortless planning for their regular diet. The only thing to do is to take review their kids’ daily diet throughout the day and divide the nutrition.

1- Breakfast 

Although it’s an important part at the start of the day, many parents want to start with organic food. Which is high in protein and vitamins. Eggs are a big source of protein they can be given in boiled, fried, and scrambled forms. Also can be added to soups and porridges to enhance the taste and easy to eat. Another challenge is to drink milk in the morning. It can be served with cereals or blended with fruits or nuts to make shakes and smoothies.

2- Lunch Boxes

While packing lunch boxes parents keep in mind that this is for their kids, healthy doesn’t mean a lot! Parents have to be playful. They can get their eater involved in packing or preparing lunch boxes. Kids can be offered sliced apples in French fries’ shapes; they should use a cookie cutter to cut fruits in different shapes. Cheese slices can also be cut by a cookie cutter. Food picks can be kept in the lunch box to make it more stylish and sophisticated.

3- Lunch 

Lunch is a very important time to retain the calories and minerals lost in school. Before taking lunch some lemonade and other sort of mineral contained liquids can be served to children. Vegetable salads and light meals can be offered later. After this children should go for a nap to restore themselves.

4- Snack Time/Tea Time

Teatime is also quite an essential part of the day which is also commonly named snack time. However, snack time isn’t fixed, but snacks are consumed at teatime. Although fried items enhance the beauty of this time while snacking, parents should go for potato or apple wedges with a little amount of butter on them. Some sliced baby carrots can fulfill this hunger.

5- Dinner 

The most crucial mealtime is when every member of the family is present at the table. On the table, kids notice the things that parents aren’t willing to eat themselves. Parents have to be healthy eating role models for kids. Parents have to be wider thinkers while taking the last meal of the day. They also mustn’t be picky and leave their plates half-eaten. Eventually, children will follow you blindly rather than preach.

6-  Super 

Some kids used to sleep late at night. Firstly, make their habit to sleep on time but if they need more to eat, a handful of nuts is the best solution, these will be enough to fill their little tummy.

While preparing meals parents should keep in mind that they have mini chefs at home. They should involve them while selecting the menu, they can change or twist the typical recipe with their accordance. It will be joyful!

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