Every single person who is concerned about his or her existence is asking these types of questions, “Why was man created? What is life? What is the purpose of life? According to my point of view, these above questions should be asked to ourselves. Because if you will get answers to these questions, you will spend your life in peace and happiness. So, in essence, these are questions to identify the purpose of your life.

The current era of humankind is unique, people are enjoying the comfort and luxuries because of technological development, and people can buy everything in markets. But, still, so many people are suffering from anxiety and depression. The reason behind this tragic situation is that the majority of us are thinking that this is the only pre-death life period which we are spending now. With this concept, the true meaning of life cannot be achieved.

Man is denying the ultimate reality that is, after this life there is a life hereafter. the concept will give answers to a person that what is the true meaning of life.

But on the contrary, according to Creation the plan of God, there are two phases of life, one is the pre-death period and the second is the post-death period. Pre-death is short and post-death is an eternal phase of life. We sow a seed in the pre-death span of our life and the post-death period is for harvesting the fruit. Most people don’t understand this reality, that’s why people in this era, even with so many facilities, are dying in frustration because they are assuming that this life is the only life.

So, the conclusion is that concept of life hereafter is the only satisfactory answer to all of the questions which are mentioned above. And after realizing the reality, you will know that why was man created in the world.

By Saqib Munir

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