By Sidra Ossama

There is an opinion that junior-level subjects, like art; music, and drama have the same importance as other school subjects, like; Mathematics, Science, and others. This essay agrees with this statement because students can express themselves through these creative subjects.

The primary reason why creative subjects are an essential part of primary education as it is a medium through which young students can express themselves. In order to show their emotions, whether they are traumatic or delighted; they create something which reflects their inner thoughts in the form of visual arts and add their feelings to it. When words cannot speak enough, art, music, and drama can be the best ways of communication. It is commonly observed that if young kids want to show affection or if they want to say thank you to elders or to their friends, they make colorful greeting cards. In addition to that, it is vice versa, like; if they draw beautiful drawings in a happy mood, they pour their emotions out when they feel sad as an expression of sorrow.

Learning music, art, and drama help students understand history. These subjects depict cultural and historical values. These subjects are good to learn. Therefore, this is the easiest way to cultivate these values in children through images, songs, and short interesting stage dramas as it makes history more interesting, and children can easily grasp it. In Muslim countries, teachers make students memorize the names of Islamic months in a form of a song or rhythm. This way, learners can easily learn them.

In conclusion, especially at the primary level, subjects like music, art, and drama are considered to be as important as other school subjects. This should be encouraged because it makes learning history easier and it is good for expressing inner feelings.

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